Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

 1. Sawyer was able to have two virtual book club-ish type meetings over the long weekend and it makes me heart so happy for him to have time to interact with kids his age. The first one was with the sons of my old high school friend- we realized the kids loved Dog Man. The second was with a kid Sawyer already knows, so my friend and I just sort of shut them in their rooms to do talk about Diary of a Wimpy Kid, thinking they'd last ten minutes. They went for over an hour, talking about the book and lots of other silly things. It was great!

2. Over the past weekish there have been many stressful fires I've had to fight- possibly childcare arrangements for the fall (so much uncertainty in the world, STILL), an issue with getting my second Covid19 vaccine scheduled (oh, county health... I love you and I hate you), and getting our taxes done (three hours of phone calls later our return was in tiptop shape). The bad news is that I spent most of my week off trying to deal with these things, and the good news is that they all have happy endings. I love having time off from work, but this week it has felt good to get back into a routine and have a lot of things to be happy about!

3. I'm I the only one that's a huge baby about getting a new phone and dealing with the set up? First-world problems, I know.

4. I have been thinking about signing up for MasterClass, but I know the smart thing to do would be to wait until the summer when I have more time. There are so many cool classes to take, with so many amazing people. I feel a little stifled lately, culturally, intellectually, whatever you want to call it. I like the flexibility of MasterClass and I know that paying it all at once makes it feel expensive, which will motivate me to use it. I used to use Coursera, but I think the fact that it was free ended up being a sort of deterrent (although I did follow through with a bio class or two that were great refreshers).

5. Speaking of feeling intellectually stunted, I "went" to a reading last night, Rebecca Makkai interviewing Brandon Hobson. They did a great job and I can't wait to read his new book, but I still much prefer going to the real thing. I like driving to DTLA on a weeknight, knowing that my family has to figure things out while I'm gone. I enjoy getting a little dressed up and sitting in the audience, either alone or with a friend, eavesdropping on the people around me talk about other authors, their jobs, etc... It's a thing and this was not. 

6. I bought several books the other day, for several reasons. First: I wanted them. Second: We got our taxes done and I usually take a small portion of and treat myself Third: There was a buy two get one free sale. Here's the thing: I should have just left it at the first item. I am horrible about feeling like I have to justify expenses, when I do not. I am incredibly responsible and if I want to buy something than I should be able to. Is this is a result of patriarchy? My upbringing? Social media? My own personality? I'm not sure. 

7. I mentioned that I'll be receiving my second Covid-19 vaccine, which makes me so very thankful. I had some intense arm pain that traveled into my next for a little while with the first, and some exhaustion that may not have even been related, so I'm truly interested to see what the second one brings. The CDC uses a text system to contact you every day for the first week to get your symptom update, and then weekly after, which was easy and important for people to do. It's been really great to see my friends get their shots and I can't wait until anyone who wants one can go in!

8. If the numbers in our county keep going down there's a chance that Sawyer will finally get to go back to school soon, for half days. His district has gone back and forth about seventy times since the fall, but it feels more definite this time. I have faith in his teacher and school to be safe; there will only be about 11 kids in his classroom and they must be masked. I teach high school and the data has to be even stronger for us to go back, which I don't know if I'm too optimistic about happening this school year. 


  1. How delightful that your son has book discussions with his friends.
    I hope all is well after your second shot.

  2. Good news that Sawyer might be able to go back to school.

    I have had my second shot, primarily because I live in a senior residential facility, and while not a nursing home, our ages figure into it. There were a few more aches and pains with it...but then again, I normally have some aches and pains. LOL

    I got my taxes done, too, and while it was more challenging than usual, with no in-person contact, it actually went very smoothly.

    Hang in there. Here are my BOOKISH & NOT SO BOOKISH POST

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