Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I had my second Covid-19 shot on Monday and ended up feeling like a dumpster fire. Albeit a very grateful dumpster fire, but it was still a rough day and a half (especially getting it on a Monday... starting the week feeling horrible was not the best. Nonetheless, I am happy I got my appointments!). I feel fine now, but I still have a pretty swollen, red bump at the injection site. Interestingly, both times I had my shots I was told that I was a "bleeder" and was asked if I was on blood thinners (I am not). I left a message with my doctor, curious to see why that might be, and I guess she wants me to make an appointment. Sigh. I don't think it's anything and was hoping she'd just send a message back telling me not to worry, but it does feel irresponsible not to follow up. 

2. An appointment I am over-the-moon excited for? My hair. I had it done in August and am lucky that my stylist is willing to do my hair at her house (one of the perks of going to the same person for like 16 years). I am most definitely not one of those people content with their highlights growing out and hints of grey popping in, nor am I in love with my dry ends. It's a hot mess right now and I can't wait for order to be restored. 

3. Sawyer, my first grader, goes back to school on Monday. We've had like 391 start dates this year, but this is the real deal. Our county case numbers have gone way down and TK-6 grades can start back once their safety plans are approved my the county and state, which his district's have. He goes back for 2.5 hours four afternoons a week and I am incredibly thankful that he has the opportunity to be around others and that I am able to transport him without stressing about my schedule. It will be super weird to have him not at home... He has been under parent supervision for 11.5 months straight, so having him out in the world feels strange. I predict I'll be used to to it after approximately two days. I also predict that I will cry my eyes out on the way home from taking him (although not too much, since I have another class to teach when I get home, haha). 

4. I started my symbol-per-book embroidery hoop and am really pleased with the format. I am determined to keep up with it this year!

5. Once upon a time, when I was in seventh grade I took an aerobics elective class and I remember really liking it and thinking it was a good workout. Lately I have been taking Ellie to play outside a lot in the backyard and I've been using the pool border as a sort of step, just to move around and kill time. I then realized what I was doing was basically step aerobics and decided I might buy a step for inside and really get in touch with my inner eighties work out woman (pastel leotard optional). 

6. I am reading Interior Chinatown Charles Yu right now and am really enjoying it. We have book club for it on Friday and I can't wait to discuss it. I'm also making my way through Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall, which has been really thought-provoking and humbling. 

7. Never, ever, ever put in your information in a car dealer website- they will never leave you alone. I mean in a way I think that I am playing hard-to-get is giving me some leverage, but still. So annoying (and totally my fault). I honestly don't know what I'm waiting for... 

8. I did something amazing the other day: I got the email I use for students and Google Classroom down to ZERO. ZERO! Magic, I tell ya.

9. I just read an interesting article on CNN on how family estrangement is increasing, especially in regards to the parent-child relationship. I am so, so, so thankful for how close I am to my mom and that I talk to at least one or two of my three siblings each week, even if it's just a quick text. It's great how there are little niches carved out for the three of them, whether animals, Harry Potter, sports, exercise, reading, whatever. I miss my family so much, but I am so happy we've made efforts in our own ways to stay connected. I think my mom and Sawyer have an exciting lunch date this weekend, which makes me so happy to see.

10. Three nonfiction books I've added to my wishlist:
The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee 
The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Practices into Soulful Practices by Casper 
Running with Sherman: How a Rescue Donkey Inspired a Ragtag Runners to Enter the Craziest Race in America by Christopher McDougall 


  1. My husband, believe it or not, bought a step to workout at home since the pandemic started. It's a good workout! He has no pastel leotard either, though ;-)

  2. Oh god...I would totally have freaked out if I was casually told I was a bleeder and asked if I am on blood thinners as I am terrified of all things medical. Once, a million years ago, an optometrist told me my blood pressure was high, asked if I'd eaten a poppyseed muffin for breakfast because that can raise blood pressure, told me high blood pressure can lead to detached retinas and told me I'd know my retina was detaching if I saw a flash of blue light. Decades later I still have panic attacks whenever I see any flash of light, blue, white, or other. (My current frames are blueish so when the light hits me just right, blue flash of light. Can't wait to get new non-blue frames).

    So what did the doctor say about your blood????? All good?

    I added both books you mentioned in #6 to my Goodreads TBR.

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