Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


1. Sawyer started back to in-person school this week, four 1/2 days a week. He absolutely, positively loves it! They also have an additional 90 minutes of instruction online a day, which so far has just been a lot of review of sight words, math facts, PE, iReady, and then a menu of activities. Drop off has been a little chaotic, with the kids needing to social distance and get checked in, but I'm sure it will get smoother and smoother every day. 

2. Speaking of going back to work, it is starting to look like I will head back to the classroom in a matter of weeks, since our county number have vastly improved (the number of vaccinations continue to increase, as well!). I am still hammering out the logistics of our family's schedule and life, which, truth be told, is making me incredibly anxious, but I think we are on the brink of a plan. If you really stop and think about all the changes going back asks of families, parents, and teachers it's pretty monumental. I am so excited to be back around my students and colleagues, but I am also making myself sick worrying about the details (mind you I am not concerned with my family's health; I am fully vaccinated, my son is a tiny cohort, and my husband is fine too). 

3. Yesterday I proclaimed to my husband that I was going to start a new book buying system, where I only order 1 book for every three I finish. At that rate I can do some serious damage to be TBR numbers! A few hours later the delivery guy came and brought two books I had forgotten I preordered... oops. Maybe preorders and books for book clubs don't count....? I've accepted that I'll never not have a ton of unread books to read, but things have gotten a little out of control, especially with the onslaught of such intriguing new releases in the past few months. Thank goodness books are fairly cheap.

4. A week ago I had these flashbacks to my step aerobics class, so I bought a cheap step and did my first thirty minutes work out yesterday. Dang! It was definitely a good workout! I might even be sore later! I am really trying to diversify my exercise and not just fall back on the treadmill most days, like I have for the last decade. I want to run or incline walk 3-4 days a week, do step twice, and then bring in shorter yoga and Melissa Wood Health sessions, to help with my strength training.

5. I'm reading four books right now, which is two too many. I started Hood Feminism last month and am working my way through that, still. I am also reading a parenting books, since I need a refresher on maintaining my patience and dealing with a first-grader with growing opinions. I am gearing up to teach Things Fall Apart again, and I am also just starting The Secret Lives of Church Ladies. 

6. I guess I'm buying a car this weekend. I really, really, really don't want to, but mine is over ten years old and has over 160,000 miles on it and needs some work. It's at that point where I don't want to put a ton of money into something that's becoming so geriatric, but I just loathe the whole process, from start to finish. I tried to use not being able to find my title/pink slip as an excuse to stall, but the salesperson I've been talking to at the dealer said that was no big deal. I know a lot of people, my mom included, who take a lot of joy in the new car smell and all the new little buttons and features, but I do not. I'm thankful I am able to go get what I need, but I much rather buy more books (see #3 above). 


  1. You'd be amazed at all the bells and whistles that come standard on a new car now a days. You'll wonder how you lived so long without that technology.

  2. I will take buying books over a car any day!