My Bookish To-Do List

1. Catch up with symbol-a-book embroidery hoop- I am a smidge behind... And by a "smidge" I mean six months

2. Meet my Goodreads 2021 goal- I think this is the most caught up I've ever been! The holidays might ruin that, though, at least this month. 

3. Finally compare Crime and Punishment to my son's Grime and Punishment, of the Dogman variety. This will require happily rereading one and begrudgingly borrowing the other from a seven-year-old. I'm also considering doing this with Lord of the Fleas and Lord of the Flies. I don't know why I care, but I really feel like as an English teacher this is necessary

4. Find a reading with strict protocols after Sawyer is fully vaxxed and I have my booster. I haven't been to one in ages and I cannot wait for my triumphant return to the LA literary scene (ha- that sounds so snobby)

5. Go walk around my favorite socal bookstore, Vrooman's, in Pasadena. This might happen over the weekend!

6. Rearrange my bookshelves- it's an annual thing.

7. Find all the books I loved but only have that one book by the author and see if I want more

8. Start preparing to teach Persepolis, my first graphic novel in the classroom. I feel like there's some technical things about the frames and art and whatnot I should better learn

9. Make my birthday/Christmas list for my husband- tis the season! 

10. Buy a new bookshelf for Sawyer's room and reorganize 

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