10 Best... Personal Reading Stats from 2021

I just finished my reading goal of the year, 74 books (this doesn't count audiobooks), and did a little deep dive into my stats. Here's the ten that stood out to me: 

1. I read an average of 58 pages a day in 2021, for a grand total of 21,189 pages (according to Goodreads, anyway)

2. 26 of the 74 were nonfiction- that's a third of my reading! Such a huge change from a decade ago, where I'd have just a few 

3. 51 of the 74 were by female-identifying authors 

4. 27 were by BIPOC writers

5. July was when I did the most reading, with 11 books in all

6. I bought somewhere around 68 new books for myself this year, some with gift cards from last Christmas, though

7. The shortest book I read was Sophocles' Antigone and the longest David Sedaris' Carnival of Snackery

8. I wrote my fewest number of blog posts since my first year of blogging, in 2010 (which I started half way in, so that doesn't count). It's been a crazy year!

9. 19 books were for various book clubs and buddy reads, while 7 were for teaching purposes 

10.  3 were graphic novels 


  1. I like this deep dive now I want to do something similar. I read 150 books but a bunch of them were children's books and poetry collections. Only 50+ were actually novels. Happy New Year.