Five Things About... How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids


[Preface: I don’t really lose it with my son, but I want to FREQUENTLY and, consequentially, feel like an internal mess on occasion (especially when I am tired and feeling the burn at work). I picked this book up in hope of some solid reminders and strategies to help me out].

I love Naumburg’s writing style so much- some writers go overboard with the profanity or conversational chitchat, but she is able to strike the right tone. I felt like she was a super educated, experienced friend, not a life coach or super scientific clinician or someone trying to preach at me.

There’s a good mix of scientific studies, anecdotes, and common sense logic that made the information appealing. I didn’t necessarily learn anything new or groundbreaking, but there were new perspectives and reminders that help me recognize when I’m headed for a decrease in parenting patience. 

The book is perfect for busy parents who need things in manageable chunks- small sections, not a lot of extra context, etc… it’s efficient, helpful, and funny. 

This book focuses on you as the parent, and changing how you operate in moments of stress, as opposed to being child-centered. When you parent in a calmer, more rational way,  because you are taking care of yourself, it will trickle down to how your kids act, though, of course.

This is a great read for teachers, too! I’ve known a lot of reactive teachers in my day, especially back when I taught elementary, and the kids FEED on that sort of classroom management style. 

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