Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I have been off for ten days now, for President's Week (some districts call it "Ski Week"), and it took me six of them to chill the eff out after a rough start to the semester. Compounding this was my decision to not take melatonin as often and the whole "it's break so I can go to bed late even though I still get up super early" fallacy. Finally, I buckled down and got a few good nights of sleep, had a couple of great friend dates, and got a ton done around the house. Sleep + social life + productivity = happiness. 

One of my goals for the year was to hike once a month, and today I completed by fourth one, so yay for being ahead of schedule! This one was only about ten minutes away, so it allowed me to get home and still carry on. I took the dog with me, and it at 4 hilly miles it was her hiking PR (she's asleep at my feet as I type). 

One of my friend dates this week was actually a book club lunch, which also included in a little book-buying spree and Barnes and Noble. I picked up Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend (is the hype worth it? Also, the mystery behind the author!), Joan is Okay by Weike Wang, Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson, and then I ordered The Memoir of Stockholm Sven by Nathaniel Ian Miller, after we decided that was our next month's selection and they didn't have enough copies for the three of us.

I think we are going to hopefully do some painting (well, not really "we," more like hire someone) inside, and I spent way too long looking at samples at Home Depot the other day. I think I figured it out? It has to match the countertops, the couch, the cabinets, and go well with the paint in the other rooms it leads into. The guy I use for that sort of stuff is super busy, so I'm not sure when it will happen, but I can't wait for a little refresh (and hopefully getting a new coffee table, rug, and some decorative items). We need to redo our floors, do some more extensive interior painting in our great room, and have some custom bookshelves built, but the idea of needing to become a project manager and living with my house in shambles is the main deterrent. 

I made these cookies the other day and they were amazing. I've also been using the newest How Sweet Eats for dinners and everything I've used so far has gotten rave reviews from the family. 

I signed the dog up for Bark Box. I hate myself, but she LOVES destroying toys, so this seemed like the most economical way to do it. Plus, she leaves me alone while she does it, so....

This Week's Major To Dos (I think I want to start doing this at the end of every post, just to hold myself accountable, like I used to do monthly ones before):
- draft of two custom Etsy orders
- finish one of the custom orders
- keep making progress with grading
- take Sawyer to an art class
- meet up with a friend
- catch up with reviews and posts
- set up new sewing machine (long story) 
- book discounted rate car rental for summer trip 
- finish book club book by Friday 

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