Five things about… My Body by Emily Ratajkowski

I honestly had no idea who the author was before I started seeing her book everywhere, which I think was actually kind of nice! No preconceived opinions based on a public persona.

I think this is a interesting read for everything, but I think parents of younger girls and teens would probably find helpful as they navigate what can be some tricky years in terms of their daughters struggling with their bodies and dating.

I knew the modeling world was seedy,  but her stories about how photographers treated her and how others in the industry talked to her made me cringe. To so many models are just commodities, ways to make money. It’s disgusting. 

This is a good reminder  it to judge- so many of us hide so many secrets, experiences, and pain. Just because someone is successful or beautiful (or both), doesn’t mean they haven’t endured or don’t have the right to share the story. 

Her discussion of who has laid various claims to her body and beauty was really thought-provoking. Parents, boyfriends, agents, photographers, strangers, the public, her husband, and even her baby. It’s not always negative- sometimes we share our bodies willingly. The problem is when we do not. 

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