Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Middle of March? The time is changing tonight? End-of-the-school-year plans starting to be made? January and most of February were tough for me- there were a lot of contributing factors, but I had the lovely dreaded double whammy of slight depression and high anxiety, and was exhausted by trying to get a handle on it alone, while putting on the dog-and-pony show at work and home. A few weeks ago I just.. felt better. Obviously life is full of ups and downs, but this down was not the normal type of down, so I'm glad I've shaken it. 

Today Sawyer and I met our friends at the Natural History Museum in LA to see the Jane Goodall exhibit and everything else. We had a great time and I need to get some of Goodall's books asap. I am hoping I can take Sawyer to NYC next year or the year after- the Natural History Museum there is one of my favorite museums in the world. 

Have you ever been to a sheep sheering festival? No? Me neither. This is soon to be remedied, though, so I'll make sure to report back. I told my husband that I was going with Sawyer and all he said was, "Sounds about right." Ha! You can take the girl out of Central California, but you can't take Central California out of the girl (it's really called the Central Valley, but if you aren't from this state you won't get it, so. yeah).

I finished My Brilliant Friend and the whole damn book is brilliant, if you ask me. I will definitely read the next one, get the Ferrante memoir, and will probably even try to watch the show. 

My students started reading Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake this week, which will be my second time reading it and first time teaching it. It's a lot of work to prep everything to teach something for the first time, but it's so awesome to be able to bring a new book into the curriculum. 

We watched the first episode of Yellowstone last week and I am totally sold. At most I watch TV with my husband once a week (I watch snippets of other shows on my ipad while on the treadmill sometimes), so it's going to take awhile to get through it, but whatever. Sawyer and I are going to the Tetons and Yellowstone this summer, so it makes it that much better! I'm a sucker for mob-type shows, and this is basically the mob but with cowboys in beautiful nature, so I'm in love. Also, fun fact, Kevin Costner's butt was the first bit of nudity on screen I'd ever seen in my life (Dances with Wolves, probably when I was like... 7?)

Despite my plans of a G + T or two while staying up "late" tonight, and the time change, I hope to get in a few hours of hiking in the morning with the dog. I need to break in some new hiking boots before we go to Yosemite in a few weeks and she needs all the energy-depleting activity she can get. 

Last week's to-do's:
- finish My Brilliant Friend and The Swimmers (yes to the first, and no to the second, because I read something else instead)
- lots of grading (plugging along)
- finish my second Etsy order  (done and shipped)
- keep up my "not snacking like a fourteen-year-old boy after soccer practice" momentum  (not to shabby)
- take Sawyer to Knott's Berry Farm after school Thursday for a quick little trip, just because (we did!)

This week's:
- make it through some less than fun adult things like dealing with an alarm system upgrade and virtual parent-teacher conferences
- go through my pictures from 2022 so far and delete ones I don't want (not committing to starting my yearly photo book yet, but this does make it easier when the times comes)
- abs every day, which is unnecessary and excessive, but sometimes that helps get me into the habit 
- do something creative that isn't for my Etsy shop 

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