Q1 Goal Check-In


We're already a fourth of the way done with this year! I don't think I did a post on New Year's Goals/Resolutions/Intentions (whatever we call them now), but I still made several. I know they're not for everyone, but I like having things to work towards. I printed out a chart for each month of the year and have them posted on a clipboard on the wall in my multi-purpose room upstairs so that I can keep track of my progress. The visual accountability really helps! Here's what's been going well and no so well:

Read 75 books in 2022: on track to exceed it!

Average one non-stretching yoga workout/week: I think I need to do two before the end of the month to stay on track here, but I will say it's probably the hardest goal. It's so much easier for me to get on the treadmill than the mat most nights. I spend about 45-60 a day running and walking the dog, so sometimes I don't even do anything extra. 

One home improvement project a month (at least initiated)- this has been going super well. I've done some little things around the house, hired a handy man to do some paint touch-ups outside, and booked a painting job for out living room/kitchen next month. We also upgraded our security system and I've started the arduous process of adding soil to our flower beds. 

Pay off car by the spring- Yup! I just did last week. I really pinched pennies so that I could get it paid off in a year, since I hate monthly payments and having loans. Last year I paid off my student loans, this year the car, and maybe next year the HELOC (we'll see... that one isn't as stressful). 

Hike once a month- I think I've done two a month, so definitely good there

Donate money to a cause- I finally signed up for automatic donations to Doctor's Without Borders, so that goal is an easy win now!

Stay on top of reviews (Instagram and blog)- This one is also tough, but it's happening (just at a slightly slower rate than a lot of people in the book community). 

Organize one thing a month- Yup! In the process I feel like I've given away all of Sawyer's clothes since he's grown SO much the last year.

Send more cards/notes- Yup! I have enlisted Sawyer's help, so between the two of us we've send lots of little notes, cards, and postcards. 

120 Forest Hours a month- I decided that instead of a strict screen time goal, I would work more on chunks of time not picking up my phone. This of course transfers, for the most part, in reduced phone time, so it works. Most days I've exceeded the four hour average needed, so I'm making progress! 

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