2023 Goals and 2022 Revisited

I love pushing myself to take on new goals, whether it's on the yearly or monthly level. Last year I had an extensive list of things I wanted to accomplish and printed out a google doc for each month for tracking progress (I posted it in my office/treadmill room and the visual was really helpful). Here's how I did:

1. Read 75 books- check!
2. Non-stretching yoga once a week- nope! I did more yoga this year, but because of the hiking and running I needed session focused more on stretching
3. One home-related project a month- Yup! 
4. Pay off car- Yup! 
5. Hike once a month- Yup!
6. Donate to a cause once a month- Yup (set up 2 monthly contributions)
7. Stay on top of reviews/blogs- Not really... I did okay on bookstagram, but not great here
8. Organize something once a month- yup!
9. Send mail to someone once a month- yup!
10. 120 hours a month on the Forest app- yup!

All in all, I am really pleased with how I did. This year will have some of the same and some new ones. I am also using a habit tracker chart I bought recently, which will help. A lot of things from last year are just habitual now, like hiking and donating money (reading is, but I just like to include it). Some things I'm not interested in pushing myself on, like staying up on blogging or bookstagram- I will do what I have time for and what feels interesting! 

1. 150 hours a month on the Forest app (average of 5ish hours a day)
2. One 32 oz water bottle a day (I am the worst at drinking water when I am not actively running, so this is a start).
3. 76 books for the year
4. Deep clean something once a month (my house is clean, but I want to really get in there)
5. Send actual birthday cards to friends and family (I need to make a list!) 
6. Some sort of strength training at least five days a week (arms, abs, legs)
7. Do my year-in-review book by month; finish the previous month within the first week of the next month
8. Keep $xx,xxx in my savings, even after travel plans 
9. Make an average five times the amount of the required HELOC monthly payment (this sounds crazy, but it's not)
10. Any kind of yoga twice a week 

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