Why I Need to Go to New York City

I am prone to frequent bouts of massive cabin fever- due to the fact that this isn't a psychoanalysis blog I'll spare you my opinions regarding why. It is in fact a blog about books, which permits me to share why New York City seems like a great place for readers.

First up, obviously, is the famous bookstore, The Strand. Known for being emphatically independent, this huge bookstore supposedly houses more than
8 miles of books inside, both new, used, and rare. Interesting side note: interior decorators and set designers can rent "books by the foot" from this store, which will even customize the selection in case someone is looking closely.

Another stop, just to see what the place looks like up close is a coffee shop named D'Espresso, a place I recently saw featured in the style section of the New York Times
. The "books" are actually hand-painted tiles, the entire decor budget topping $500,000. The owner hopes to open more- maybe he'll put one in Riverside. I currently hate coffee, but I'm sure they have hot chocolate.

I'm enamored with Central Park in a way that I'm sure only tourists are (do locals love it? I don't know). To be honest, if I could only do one thing w
hile visiting it would be running- I'm tired of all these East Coasters raving about their Central Park runs in Runner's World. Anyway, reading would be a close second.

Saving the best for last, I would most definitely stay at t
he disgustingly expensive, but insanely awesome, The Library Hotel. Each floor and room is genre inspired, both with decor and books to peruse (biographies, new age, business, fairy tales, encyclopedias, classics, etc...).

Maybe next year.

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