Damn You, Potter! Part I

Once in awhile I publicly proclaim that I'm going to start something that I end up at least partially/temporarily regretting later (running Half Marathons, climbing Half Dome, being the yearbook adviser, cleaning behind the stove, etc...). Recently, one of these pseudo-mistakes has been reading all the Harry Potter books, back-to-back (except the first one). I guess I just got swept up in the whole Harry-mania that is currently taking over the world. I have no idea why- I easily ignored the hype during the other six movies! Okay, maybe I do know why. I read this article about Daniel Radcliffe being all sad to "leave Hogwarts" and I decided I wanted to see the movie. I won't watch a movie before reading the book, so I was stuck (I've seen none of the movies).

I've read the first, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, twice. The first time was before it was popular- a friend and I chose a book for each other to read in high school, and he chose that one for me (yes, we were very cool, us IB kids). I thought it was good, and read the second and third
ones right after they came out, but that was it. I decided to read the first one to my students a few years ago, which they loved. So, last week I started off with the second, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, since it had been so long since the first read, quickly followed that up with the third, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and am now plugging away through the fourth, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I'm not a HP fanatic by any means. The kids (and Hagrid) have definitely grown on me, and I am curious to see what they're like as they grow older (cough, bottom right, cough). I think, above all, I just love the imaginative elements of the story and the fact that they have gotten so many kids to willingly read hundreds of pages. Yes, J.K. Rowling may have borrowed a few things here and there (the chess scene in the firs
t book, for example), but as a whole, the series is quite unique. And, honestly, what author hasn't been influenced by someone else? The HP books are well-written, have good messages, and are just plain fun (you know, in that way that corrupts children and teaches them that magic, witches, and wizards are evil AND awesome- oh God, don't get me started... see my post on book banning).

Reading all of them back-to-back is coming at a cost, though. Last night I actually had a HP dream- Dumbledore was performing a rock opera, singing about Lord Voldemort (I'm dead serious). I am also missing the books I read, especially since I had just started Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children when I put it on hold for these. I'm going to a Rushdie reading in early December and am hoping I can get it done by then. I just have to finish these damn Potter books first...


  1. I am so glad that you posted this... I am going through the same Harry Potter madness right now and thought I was the only one! I chose to start reading the books to be culturally aware of what students are reading (a Graduate professor's suggestion). I never actually expected to like them as much as I am and unfortunately, like you, I have been having the crazy dreams too! I guess no more Potter before bed for me. Amazon is making a killing with my weekly Harry Potter purchases, I am just hoping the last books are as good as the first few.

  2. I have read all the Potter books twice - once when book first came out and again when the movie came out. I have even attended book release parties. FUN. I just reread book 7 (loved it) and saw the movie. I will miss my Hogwarts friends but they (the actors) need to leave school - they are looking too old.

  3. Thank you for the picture of DR...hehe...I feel so gross for typing that lechy little giggle...

    We watched the sixth movie the other night (I'm currently halfway through the sixth book), and that night, Dylan had a dream that I somehow transferred our fetus to him to carry and he gave birth to it and named it Albus...so we both understand your HP overload ;).