Reading a great book is a lot like eating a satisfying meal- you never want to stop and once you do, you're so full that you couldn't possibly think of starting the next feast... at least for a few hours.

I'm the same way after finishing a book, which I just did. Of course part of me wants to bust out my Amazon review and dive into the next novel waiting in the very long line of books collecting dust, but I know to wait at least a little while. It's similar to breaking up with someone; you have to pause for at least a short period of time (depending on the boy, or book) and let things digest. What did you learn? What did you love? What reminded you of your own life? How does this compare to other stories? What questions might you still have?

Part of my mandatory grace-period is in part out of respect for the author. It's homage to the blood, sweat, and tears someone put into creating something that I've spent hours hopefully benefiting from.

How long does it last? Sometimes four or five hours, sometimes a day or two. Not actively reading something feels a bit lonely after too long, starvation of the literary kind.

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