Watch and Love

The Oscars last night were pretty boring, in my opinion- Billy Crystal is old, the presenters sound like idiots with crappy dialogue, and Oprah of all people was recognized (oh, the humanity!). There were a few bright spots, though, like the horrible after show ABC did (I believe they set a record for most amount of reporter brush offs in an hour) and the Bridesmaids (wiener talk and a drinking game).

And then there was this, the absolute highlight of the show: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, the film that won Best Animated Short (I guess it's also an iPad ap and a book to be released this summer). The story (no talking... apparently that was the theme this year) is about a man that works as a sort of guardian of a book collection for his whole life, learning to care for them, and them for he. It's whimsical, sweet, and glorifies books in their original form- page and covers. Just watch it (about 14 minutes and free):

My favorite scene is when the book is brought to life. Tear. The animation is really awesome- visit their website for more information.

An additional Oscar related thought- if you win a book (ahem, Hugo winners), thank the effing author that wrote it! I did hear some the winners for The Descendents (George Clooney and Stacey Keibler should make babies for sure, but the way) mention Kaui Hart Hemmings, but it should be the majority, not the minority.

Today's Lesson: Take care of your books and they will take care of you.


  1. of course that would be your favorite part i would be worried if it wasnt. i didnt even watch them

  2. Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed watching it. My favorite part was when Morris takes the book cover off the hanger. I guess book covers are just like clothes. I also liked that when the people checked out a book then they were no longer in black and white but in color. I guess knowledge from a book is enlightening. I have seen many animated shorts and I have noticed that most of them contain no dialogue.

  3. Thank you SO much for posting this. I never would have thought that it was available like this. An incredible experience and I'm so glad it won!

  4. I want to add my thank you for posting the video! I loved the part with his reactions to the reading as if he was in the middle of an old zoetrope. I have to admit feeling a bit worried for the little girl at the end, as if the books have decided her fate. Hopefully only people who would be happy with the life are drawn to it, otherwise there's a bit of evil hidden in the sweetness of the books~and isn't that what makes a good story?