Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up below! Also, just an FYI- these posts are going to be put up at various times on Wednesday from now on. I tried to keep it to Wednesday evening for a sort of Thursday post, but with the baby cramping my style I'll just put them up whenever I can on Wednesdays.

1. Clifford the Big Red dog must be really expensive to care for. 

2. Have you seen the story about the bounce house that flew away? What the hell? I seriously thought it was a joke at first, but apparently it's legit? It's like the beginning of The Wizard of Oz, but very serious and very dangerous.

3. It's hot here in Southern California- where I live we're reaching triple digits this week. I'm not ready for this! If it was just me and the dogs it would be no big deal- we'd be out by the pool every day. Instead, I've been trying to strategically keep the house as cool as possible without running the air. In the mornings and afternoons we hang out in the front of the house, since it doesn't get warm until late afternoon. And then we move to the back, since it's cooled down by then. We use lots of fans and run the whole house fan at night. And if all that fails we run the air. 

4. Hats off to single parents, especially those of newborns. I don't know what I'd do without my husband! Granted the nights are pretty much my responsibility, due to his inability to lactate, but having him around to help with everything else has been a lifesaver.

5. Speaking of Sawyer, I have some serious cabin fever. I mean I get excited to go grocery shopping. Yesterday we packed up and walked around Barnes and Noble for absolutely no reason at all. Starting next week I have some things planned again, but the lack of activity (both social and in terms of actual exercise) is starting to drive me crazy. I'm so excited to start truly exercising again- I have about 10 or 12 pounds to lose (before I'm back at my mediocre starting weight) still and can't wait until I can start getting in a run here and there. And yoga? Might I actually get to go to an actual class?

6. I started Walden on Wheels by Ken Ilgunas and am enjoying it so far. This nonfiction text is about a young man who is on a quest to pay off his student loan debt, something most of us can sympathize with. What I think is amusing, though, is that he has just a bit more than I did when I left college, and yet a million times more urgency that I do to be debt-free. Good for him! Side note: I just went and looked up how much I have left, since my payments are automatically deducted each month. Buzzkill. 

7. I've been spending way, way too much time on my phone since having Sawyer. Nursing is boring and at 2 in the morning it's one of the only things to keep me awake! I need to try to read more or even watch things on Netflix instead of mindlessly perusing social media and news websites (I am quite up-to-date on all major current events, though).

8. This is the best oatmeal cookie recipe ever. 

9. I guess there are talks of an underground tunnel from China to Alaska and then down the contiguous states. While I'm sure it won't happen in the near future, the idea of traveling 125 miles under the Pacific Ocean freaks me the hell out. I can handle the BART going under the San Francisco Bay, but something about the Bering Strait and all that coldness is enough to trigger my panic reflex. 

10. I saw this on Pinterest or Facebook the other day and was instantly inspired:

[source unknown]

But then I thought about the actual logistics and implications- there's just no way. I am thirty years old- dropping bad habits (like excessive worrying) just because I wake up and feel like it is ridiculous. I've worked hard over the last three decades to really hone these personal flaws, undoing them in a day is downright disrespectful to them. 


  1. I definitely need to try that oatmeal cookie recipe -- I love everything I've made from Sally's Baking Addiction so far and recently got her cookbook, too. Yea, I pretty much want to make ALL the recipes.

  2. 5. Have you joined a mother's group yet? In Australia we're 'allocated' one (whether you like them or not) - as a result they're hit and miss as to whether the group bonds or disbands after the six-week compulsory part (its all about info sessions for first six weeks). I was lucky - my group was/is amazing. Twelve years on, we still get together for dinner once a month and go away for a weekend together every year. These women were my lifesavers, especially for simple things such as having someone local that I could go for walks with.

    7. Switch the phone for a hardback book (because it stays open by itself) and a book light (or a Kindle paperwhite). I read soooooooooooooo much when I was feeding and found that by not turning on tv, the feeds were calmer and quicker.

    9. Agree... although oddly I didn't think about it when I was popping over to Paris from London on the Eurostar...

  3. I'm so jealous of how hot it is there! It's still in the fifties where I live :'''( But come july I'll probably want it to be winter again...

  4. We've only hit the mid-teens here (in Celcius) and I'm already wishing for colder weather again, lol. I can't imagine the heat on your end!

    Walden on Wheels sounds interesting; will have to check it out on GoodReads! :)

    Much as I love travelling, I think I'll pass on #9 xD

  5. YES to #4 & #10! Lately I've been feeling that I need to put my phone down more. It's ridiculous how often I pick it up and check social media. My Kindle is awesome for multi-tasking - especially the Paperwhite. Can hold and change page with one hand and still manage to get stuff done - I love it!

  6. Too hot stinks- we are stuck in this weird mid 60s humid rainy stretch. Hope you cool down soon! And you never need a reason to walk around a bookstore!