A Day in the Life...

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My everyday life is far from riveting, but I did one of these types of posts before I had Sawyer, so I thought I'd play along. It's always interesting to see how others spend their days and I think these sorts of personal time-studies can be great catalysts for reflection. Here's a day from last week (minus the things no one wants to hear about, like the plentiful pumping sessions and diaper changes. Because ew):

5:00-5:45 The silent alarm on my Fitbit goes off at 5 and I don't have the luxury of hitting the snooze button even once. I move the baby monitor to my husband's side of the bed and shove him a few time so that he'll at least acknowledge me leaving. I'm pretty sure he loves being woken up like this deep-down. I go downstairs and get ready in the small guest bathroom so that I don't wake anyone up. After I'm ready to go I drink my first cup of coffee and eat some cereal. 

5:45-6:20 Grab Sawyer from my husband (he had woken up at 5:30 and then went back to sleep in our bed), give him a bottle, play with him for a few minutes, change and dress him, load up the car, and refill my coffee. We're off!

6:20-6:45 Drive to daycare, listen to Wild by John Ratey (sometimes I listen to music; it depends on how awake I am).

6:45-6:50 Drop off at daycare, brief the childcare provider on how much he had already eaten and what sort of mood he was in (good, per the norm).

6:50-7:00 Drive to work, blasting my music since the little ears are gone. Finish my coffee, unload all my crap (I'll be so glad when I'm done pumping... the baggage gets old). 

7:00-7:30 Check my box in the office, pop in to say hi to my friend, make sure the agenda for the day is posted, etc...

7:30-8:25 First period (IB English, juniors)- Students did a sort of round-robin explication activity that involved color-blocking, a graphic organizer, partners, and later a longer writing piece. The period moved really fast and I had them switch to a new passage every six minutes, so things kept moving. I find that's one of the most important things to staying sane most days- don't let things lag too much. I'm able to grade a few essays while they're working.

8:25-8:32 Passing period! I run to the bathroom and then stand outside my room and talk to my friend and neighbors (I do this between every class period... I won't bore you every time!)

8:32-9:37 Second period (IB English)- Same as first period.

9:37-10:30 Third period (prep/planning aka no kids)- I typically spend the first few minutes making copies, dropping them off in my room, find a reason to go to my car or the office (1/2-ish of a mile round trip) so that I can rack up some steps on my Fitbit. After taking care of a few things back in my classroom I spent the remainder of the time changing out a bulletin board and straightening up my counter space.

10:46-11:41 Fourth period (yearbook)- Truth be told, these kids are driving my a tiny bit crazy right now (this is no secret, I tell them multiple times during each class period). This is the case every year- they finish the yearbook and feel entitled to a long break. They have a journalism project they're working on, but some are taking it more seriously than others.

11:41-12:11 Lunch!- Yup, we only get a half an hour. After taking care of a few things, I gulp down my lunch (string cheese, crackers, 1/2 a waffle with peanut butter, and some pineapple) while reading a few pages of Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior. My friend comes by for the last few minutes to catch up.

12:18-1:13 Fifth period (IB English)- These kids do the same as the others, but require a bit more supervision, as they're a super social bunch (teacher code for "ohmygosh they won't shut up"). 

1:20-2:15 Sixth period (IB English)- I really enjoy this crazy little class, but they too require some monitoring.

2:15-2:30 Get ready for tomorrow and clean up.

2:30-3:15 Pick up Sawyer from daycare, drive home.

3:15-4:00 Snack for dogs and self. Feed Sawyer while reading some more. Some days he falls asleep and we nap for a little while on the couch, but today is not one of them. Sometimes when he naps I grade papers, but I generally do most of my grading at work on at home on the weekends. Weekdays are too busy.

4:00-5:00 I want to vacuum and now that he's a crawler, and hates his little Exersaucer, things like that can be a challenge. I load him into his crib with some toys and books and he entertains himself for twenty-five minutes while I race around trying to vacuum, switch over some laundry, text a friend about some upcoming plans, and change out of the dress I wore to work. When he starts complaining I take him out of his crib and we play in his room for a bit. He's obsessed with balls and has learned to throw them at us. He also throws them for himself and chases them. It's cute.

5:00-6:00 I get Sawyer ready for a walk. We check with the neighbor and her little guy to see if they want to go, but they don't answer so we go home and I switch the wagon for the stroller, since I decide to try to get in three or so miles since it's just us. We make a stop at the playground so Sawyer can swing for a few minutes (yay time change!). I realize I dislike most little kids. There's something about the playground....

6:00-7:00 This part of the day is a little hectic. Sawyer goes into his highchair with some Cheerios and I prep his actual dinner (meatballs, mandarin oranges, and some puffs). He's pretty much over purees, so now I have to put all this effort into his food. While he's feeding himself I wash bottles and pump parts (loathe this) and the dishes (the repair man is coming for the dishwasher on Monday, thank goodness). I prep everything for my and Scott's dinner as well (paninis and baked potato salad).

7:00-7:30 Bath time! Sawyer loves his bath, so this is usually pretty fun for both of us. He hasn't been pitching a fit when I take him out anymore, so that's an added bonus. When we're finishing up Scott comes home and we sit down to eat.

7:30-8:00 We eat dinner while Sawyer plays on the ground. On the nights Scott leaves his office on time, at six, we usually push back bath time so Sawyer can sit at the table with us, but today is not one of those days. We clean up and get the dogs food too.

8:00-8:15 While Sawyer's bottle heats up we read a few books and he plays with his dad.

8:15-8:30 I give Sawyer his last bottle until morning while I catch up with my husband. Sawyer gets put down to sleep in his own room.

8:30-9:00- PiYo! I squeeze in some PiYo a few times a week right after bedtime (especially on the nights my husband plays videogames with his friends) and my body is starting to thank me. 

9:00-10:00- Typical end of night activities (shower, getting tomorrow's clothes ready, etc...) plus a few pages read before bed. Get into bed and hope that someone sleeps through the night.

Well that was a bit narcissistic. 


  1. This was nice and enjoyed reading about your 'day'. Your little boy sounds very active and fun. And baked potato salad sound really good. OK, is PiYo a combo of pilates and yoga? Just wondering. I do yoga on a mostly regular schedule now. Well, I try anyway.

  2. The challenges of getting housework done with a toddler! That is something I don't miss. :-) I do miss that wonderful age, though, even knowing good and well that I'd probably never survive it a 4th time. :-P

    I am really intrigued by your activities with your students.

  3. I can so relate to trying to get housework done with a toddler. My daughter is at the age where she likes to "help" and so that makes it a little easier. :-) Just a little. I loved hearing about your day at school. I don't often hear about the older kids at school. My mom is an elementary school teacher--well, semi-retired now, but I grew up in her classroom to some extent. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Fun to read the day of a teacher. Sounds like a great project you have them working through. What a full day!

  5. Ah, the life of a teacher. Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I...don't. :-D I still love reading about people being in the classroom, though. Your "super social bunch" brought back memories.

  6. I'm kind of the weirdo who wants to know when you find time to pump during all of this! I worked with my first one and pumping was SO stressful. We only made it 5 months before I had to give in. With my second I was home for a year but wanted to pump so that I could get away from her but by the time I finally did she refused a bottle. LOL! It's such a delicate balance.

    Ugh--and yes, washing all those parts! We're past that now but I don't like running the sippies through the dishwasher and sometimes I feel like my kitchen is overrun with them! I'm trying to gauge how old Sawyer is from your post--but that age where they're just crawling but not walking is such a fun age. Everything seems so novel to them! Enjoy the snuggles.

    Thanks for joining up Christine!

  7. I second what Trish said - I'm a weirdo and also wondering when you fit in pumping?! Just reading about your day has me feeling exhausted! ;) I'm still nursing, and only pump when I need a bottle for going out - I've always been a poor pumper though - it takes me FOREVER to get just a few ounces. Do you pump for all of Sawyer's feeds then? Man, good for you!

  8. I started going to a PiYo class at my local gym, and I really like it. It's a good workout, but I also leave it feeling stretched out and more relaxed. Thanks for sharing your day!