April, Revisited, Plus May

Sometimes I think my goals for the month should be:

1. Keep everyone alive
2. Don't lose my shit
3. Prevent house from becoming a hazmat area

But, alas, I like to torture myself. 

Last month's goals and progress:

1. Prep my students for testing: Yes At least to the best of my abilities and as much as they were willing to cooperate. Today was day one and they came out with the perfect level of confidence. Too much in either direction can be unsettling. I'm cautiously optimistic. 

2. Plan something for Sawyer's birthday: Yup We had fun at the aquarium, had his favorite dinner, and did the cake and present thing.

3. Book map up: No This shouldn't so hard.

4. Curb 3-7 snacking: Partially "Curb" is definitely not quite the word I'd use to describe it, but I definitely have improved. Some days I still want to eat everything that has excessive amounts of carbs and fat in the house (and, uh, probably do...), but on the days I'm careful and deliberate it's fine. I've noticed my levels of stress and energy are of course a factor. Smoothies have been a success in the sense that I've made them twice and have like a dozen cute little baggies full of frozen fruits and veggies made in the freezer... why am I lazy about the easiest part? 

5. Finish my audiobook and choose a new one: Yup and yup!


1. Abs, abs, and more abs- Once upon a time (aka before Sawyer) my core was fairly strong. Well, at least strong enough that I could pop up in a tripod headstand. While that is definitely something I'd like to be able to do again, right now I'd like to get into a routine of a quick ab routine five days a week.

2. Finalize June travel plans- I'm making two trips to places in June (Lake Tahoe for work and back home for... fun... or something like that) and need to deal with logistics.

3. While at home more iced tea than Diet Soda- Heartbreaking. 

4.  Enjoy the rest of the school year- I know this is probably an oxymoron for a lot of teachers, but the next month for me is the last few weeks I'll be spending with my seniors, an opportunity to get my room organized, and a time to reflect on how I want to start next school year. 

5. Organize Sawyer's toys- I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am responsible for another human's crap. My husband and I have always taken care of our own things, and now I have to sort through the clothes and toys Sawyer has outgrown. I have to clean another person's room. It's sort of bullshit, if you think about it.

6. Do book-related things and post about (some of) them- I'm supposed to attend a reading with a friend on the eleventh, go to a book festival with another friend next weekend, and need to just generally organize my books in general.  

I have decided that if I can stick to all five these I can upgrade my Fitbit at the end of the month. I feel guilty about getting a new one, since mine works just fine, but the of the matter is the black plastic band isn't exactly cute and I'm sick of it standing out when I'm attempting to look nice. 

May! Already! It's exciting. 


  1. I feel like I put away clothes my son has outgrown, and I turn around and he's grown out of the next set -- it's crazy! And I've even already donated some of his toys and things because people just get him too much stuff and he literally can't use all of it. I know we are very fortunate and I shouldn't complain, but really the way kid stuff multiplies is kind of ridiculous.

    Oh and I just got a FitBit! I do not dress nicely often, but it has crossed my mind that it will be a bit of an eyesore on occasion. I didn't pick mine out because a friend was selling one she didn't want, but I'm sure there are other models that blend in better. It sounds like a nice treat if you reach your goals!

  2. -Lake Tahoe!!! I'm not usually a repeat destination person, but I could go back every year I think. I loved it.

    -May #3, I recently cut it all out. It's sad.

    -The kids clothes thing drives me a little crazy. I hate putting away my own clothes, now I have to put away theirs. And I get frustrated at how quickly they go through them, not growing necessarily, put I can't keep holes out of the knees for pants. I just can't send them to school in ripped clothes either. I know no one will likely care, but I just can't do it. Part of me wishes they had uniforms.

  3. My dad offered to buy me a new fitbit for my birthday, and now of course, I can't decide which one I want. I was all set on the Alta, but now I'm like, "do I need the heart rate function? Do I want GPS in it". So I told him I was 99% sure I wanted the Blaze, but now I'm thinking, nope, the Alta! Or maybe the Surge, but it's kind of big and ugly. Why is this such a hard decision?!

    Kids clothes. Just ugh. I made a stab at it a few months back, and now I have 4 bins that still need to be organized into size as well as keep/sell/donate. I have ZERO motivation to do it, but the bins are taking over my laundry room and are a cruel reminder of how disorganized I am every time I go to do laundry.