Moonlite Review


A little less than a year ago a friend tagged me in a post about the Moonlite Projector, which was in the process of being Kickstarted. I was instantly sold- it's a little projector (think Viewmaster from when were were young) that clips on your Smartphone and projects images from a story on the ceiling. The text from the story appears on your phone, which you then read to the child and click certain buttons for sound effects as you manually click through the picture reel. 

After several delays, as is not uncommon to crowd-sourcing, our Moonlite Projector arrived a few weeks ago and we've used it a few times since then (I must add that the creator and company through in some bonus stories to make up for any inconvenience, which was a nice touch). Here are my thoughts so far:


- The novelty is fun, and it's a cool way to shake up story time once in awhile at bedtime (I still prefer the old-fashioned method, though)
- The set up of the actual projector, the downloading of the app, and the functionality of both combined are extremely easy to use
- The projector has been created so that it's pretty universal, meaning a variety of devices and brands
- The images project clearly and the colors are vibrant 
- I love the idea of using my phone for something.... else
- It doesn't seem to phase my battery 

- I wish there were more stories and that there wasn't the delay of ordering them (I know, what else can you do?)
- The packaging is extremely wasteful and bulky- I'd much prefer something sleeker 
- Some of the sounds effects are a little dinky, but I'm sure they'll be jazzed up as the project is updated 
- It is a little expensive

All in all, watching the project updates and development, as well as actually experiencing it in person has been really fun. I think I overpaid a bit, but we did get several stories and two projectors with the package I backed, so at least I have something to show for my money. It's definitely not a necessity, but I think it's a fun little addition to our library. 

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