Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Sawyer and I were at Target the other day and all of the sudden he started freaking out over a “baby dog” in a “pirate hat.” His imagination is on overdrive lately, so this wasn’t anything that unusual, but when he started talking about his “cat grandma” (what he calls my mom) and becoming more insistent/borderline teary  I started asking questions. Turns out he saw a card with a puppy wearing a pirate hat and wanted to get it for my mom. Despite it being a birthday card I had to get it and let him decorate it to send to her, since I thought that the whole thing was basically the cutest thing ever. (I fully acknowledge that this is probably one of those instances where the mom thinks this is ten times more amusing and adorable that the rest of the world).

2. I just finished Speak No Evil by Uzodinma Iweala and loved it so very much. I immediately ordered Beasts of No Nation and can’t wait to read that after I reading Homegoing for book club next week.

3. My friend and I went to the Anaheim Packing House for Lunch last weekend and I ordered deep fried cheese curds and can’t stop thinking about them. They were that good (should I mentioned that they came with garlic herb mayo to  just bump up the nutrition level a bit?).

4. My husband and I watched Lady Bird last weekend and I thought it was really good and probably extra amusing since I teach kids that age. I am also from the Central Valley, about an hour and a half south of Sacramento, where the movie is set, so I appreciated the idea of wanting to get the hell out of the region.

5. I wish I had more time in my life to subscribe to National Geographic, but until then I’m going to swing by the bookstore and pick-up their issue on race, where they include an analysis of the magazine’s own flaws.

6. I have been able to finalize some really, really big things at work this week in terms of some assessment submissions to IB, as well as some more standard tasks, and it feels so much better. Because the seniors are “mine,” and I see them every day, I end up being the middle woman for lots of tasks and it’s been a lot to handle on top of everything else. But we’re making our deadline and I’m really relieved that this wave has almost subsided (and then in another week or so another round will start, but it will be much easier).

7. Re: The Tillerson Firing- All the grown-ups have gone home and the kids are running the school.

8. Today our school had an organized walk during school time for students to promote peace, in order to discourage them from having an actual walk out. I feel a little conflicted about this, but signed up to chaperone the event since it was during my prep period. On one hand I think that it’s absolutely awesome- we’re encouraged them to take a stand in a safe way that didn't result in them feeling like they are breaking rules. It seems like a great compromise and I am glad that we have teachers and leaders who are willing to facilitate the event. On the other, I think that it takes away from the student-advocacy part of things and detracts a little from the message of a well-done, successful walk-out. Nonetheless, it’s a step in the right direction and I am more than happy to be a part of it.


  1. Our school district had walk outs today too. I talk a bit about it on my blog:

  2. I enjoyed Lady Bird, but I actually loved living in Sacramento...but then, those were my college years, so that probably contributed to my feelings. And three of my four children were born there, so the memories are good ones.