Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

This week has been a combination of incredibly busy and bad, so I’m just going to take a moment to validate how amazing it is that tomorrow’s Friday. Tomorrow night Sawyer and I are going to a local Christmas event, Saturday his friend is coming over to decorate gingerbread houses (that I have to construct tomorrow night, t&p please), and then Sunday I'm going hiking with a friend. 

I haven’t been reading much at all- I’m trying to finish up the semester at work, ship out some embroidery special orders, do the holiday mom thing, and keep up with my half marathon training plan. But soon, SOON, some of that will wrap up and it will be time to hunker down and finish up my Goodreads goal.

A club on campus was struggling with getting donation for their toy drive, so my students decided to donate money that I would in turn go to the store and get toys with. They raised over $120 in two days and between all of the sales at Target, my donation, and the Red Card we were able to get enough toys for like 15 kids. Sawyer helped me pick them out and it was a great opportunity to talk about helping those in need. I was so proud of my work kids and my biological kid. (Also, do you know how much fun it is to go shopping for a variety of toys when you’re not paying? SO FUN).

I’ve been listening to some of the episodes of the Bad on Paper podcast and it’s definitely grown on me. I don’t listen to all the episodes, especially for authors that I know I’ll never read, but it’s entertaining and interesting.

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