Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I never thought I'd have this little free time working from home, honestly. I didn't think that distance learning would be quite this time-consuming. I didn't think that I'd have it easy, but I honestly feel like I am working round-the-clock right now. I don't want to whine- I am so incredibly thankful for my job right now. This whole distance teaching-homeschooling Sawyer- taking care of house- attempting to take care of self situation is intense. This is something I always grapple with and I try to know my audience; you don't want to complain about xxxx to people who wish they had xxxxx or they have xxxxx worse than you. Luckily I am friends with a lot of teacher-moms who I can vent to (and vice versa).

I went grocery shopping today and it's just so not fun anymore. The mask, the lining up in the morning if you want to get a jump on the good products, the wiping everything down, the massive meal plans for 10+ days, the freezer tetris... sigh...

Anyone else thing the bonus episode of Tiger King was a little lame? I mean Joel was funny and self-deprecating, but as a whole it was a little bit of a let-down.

I have been listening to Dua Lipa's new album and it is SO GOOD.

Reading! Still making my way through Elton John's memoir, Me, and then also White Noise, by Don DeLillo, which Julie and I will be discussing soon. 

Here's something fun: Sawyer and I finished reading the first illustrated Harry Potter book and we watched the movie over the course of a few nights. He loved it! Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's head freaked him out a little bit, as he couldn't wrap his head the whole concept (which is admittedly pretty weird for a little kid).

Yesterday I was the first day where everything felt like SO much work (and actually I wrote a lot of this post then and didn't post it, which was good, because I was able to edit out the grump today). Not that everything other day has been easy, but just way beyond the normal effort. Today was so much better, and I attribute two main factors: going to bed thirty minutes earlier and not reading the news in the morning. I've also had more contact with the outside world- the grocery store and Target, and then a Zoom department meeting with sixteen colleagues, several of which I am friends with. 

I made the Dalgona coffee everyone has attempted and it wasn't too bad. I need to work with the ratios to suit my taste, but it will be an occasional treat for a hot day (it takes a lot of milk for this day and age of limited grocery shopping). Next time I'm going to add some of my normal vanilla coffee creamer to the milk, which I think might counteract the bitterness. 

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  1. Vent away!! When the school closings first happened, my husband and I (who don't have kids) looked at each other and said "so wait - everyone who works outside the home and has kids now has 2 fulltime, jobs right? Working at home and homeschooling their children?" And our eyes widened and we said "whoa...". I do not know how you are all doing it. It seriously doubled all your workloads.