Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Thank goodness for a day off. I gave myself permission to be a sloth after walking with Ellie for fifty minutes this morning and alternated between sleeping and reading for a few hours. I actually hate napping, since I never feel great afterwards, but there was no way I was going to survive without one. Now I'm alternating between blogging and grading. 

2. I started subscribing to the Melissa Wood Health app a few months ago and I really like it (only $10 a month!). There are over a hundred workouts, plus a new new one each week, that vary in time and focus area, which is great. I love that there are ones that focus on arms or abs and are only ten minutes, so I can bust one out while, say, supervising Sawyer's shower. Right now she's doing a two week challenge that combines a workout plus a meditation each day, so I've committed to that. I'm on day three and hurt all over, so clearly it's working. 

3. I have a lot of problems with distance teaching, but I do feel some sense of victory that I have figured out how to really help my students with their analysis. I have seen so much improvement that I'm nearly giddy! Each week I assign them a quote from out book to analyze and they have to do three levels of analysis- one example that's really horrible and basic, one that's mediocre, and one that represents their very best. Making them do a bad job is actually making them do a good job! I can't really describe why it's happening, but it's pushing them to work harder and I am so happy with results. 

4. I found out this morning that my son's school, which now has a district from the county to reopen, will start back on January 11, 2021. The waiver grants them permission to open on a hybrid schedule no matter what the local numbers are, so it feels pretty definite. I've talked a lot here about my conflicting emotions about it all, but it feels nice to have a date to hold on to right now. I am, supposedly, going back the week after, but considering the rate of spread I feel fairly doubtful.

5. Last week, with the election, was brutal. I stayed up late every single night listening, reading, and watching the news, and yet still got up bright and early to walk my furry friend. On one hand it was so wonderful to have a distraction from the other struggles in life, but it was also so frustrating as well. Obviously I am pleased with the outcome, but I still feel pretty annoyed with all the roadblocks the current administration is deliberately placing.

6. I think Sawyer and I are going to go to the beach to walk around this weekend (and maybe a little hiking, since there are some trails at the one we go to, in the hills right above). We didn't go all summer, so it will be good to be back by the water, even if it will be cool and gloomy. We also haven't really done much lately, so a trip out of our little bubble will be so nice! Last weekend I was supposed to see a friend, but the weather ruined everything- this week will be much better. 

7. I can't believe I did this, but I bought myself the LEGO Treehouse set (let's call it an early birthday present?), which is about 762993 pieces and will take me 893332 hours to put together. I LOVE trees, of course, and I adore tree houses, so I've been wanting this one since they released it while ago. During the first month or two of stay-at-home I thought about getting it, but they sold out. When it came back in stock recently I bit the bullet and got it. It probably won't get put together until Christmas or spring break, but at least I have it.

8. My dog's tail is wagging in her sleep right now. I'm jealous of her happy dreams.

9. I know I've been saying this for ages, but I wish I had time to write more personal essays and post them here. You know, because I am so fascinating and everyone wants to read my inner monologue. 


  1. Have you read "Greenwood" by Michael Christie? It's very similar to The Overstory, and if you love trees so much you'd really like it because like the Overstory, it's very tree-focused. And so, so well-written. I'm about halfway through and completely captivated.

    Agree about the election results and the nice distraction. The only good thing to happen in 2020, but it's a big one!

  2. Yay LEGO! We love putting together our ginormous gazillion piece sets. Hope you don't get frustrated!