And So it Began

The Christmas right after I turned five I received what would be one of the most influential gifts I would ever unwrap: a hardback copy of Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White. I was instantly hooked, taking the book with me to dinner later that afternoon at a family friend's house. While all the other kids were playing with their new, brightly colored plastic toys that would undoubtedly soon be broken or lost, I was holed up on the couch devouring a simple tale about a girl, her pig, and a beloved spider. The only other thing I remember from that night, besides Charlotte and Wilbur, was taking a cookie break, and being pretty damn pissed that I got a smudge of frosting on the book jacket (I have since learned to take those off before reading).

I finished Charlotte's Web by the end of Christmas Day, but had really just begun a lifelong passion that has made me more empathetic, critical, and knowledgeable. B
ooks have taught me to consider different perspectives and unique lifestyles. Books have been there for me during disagreements with friends, family, and significant others. Books have made me want to try new things and become more adventurous. Books have allowed me to escape when reality has been unbearable.

If someone told me I wasn't allowed to read anymore, I would smack them in the face. With a book.

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