Coffee Tables are for Books

I really want a coffee table. Sure, it would be nice for drinks (under coasters, of course), to centralize the remote situation, and store blankets underneath, but the real reason I want one is for coffee table books. They come in neat sizes, are beautifully photographed, and detail every topic known to man. I'd like to sit down on any give day and be able to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's homes, relive my adventures in Venice, or view Wassily Kandinsky's art. Coffee table books don't have to be read all at once, or from cover-to-cover; they're perfect for during commercials (no DVR for us), while waiting for friends to stop by, or when you're on the phone with someone that won't shut the hell up. There's no sense of urgency to get through a coffee table book- they're informative, visually stimulating, and patient.

I love the idea of someone sitting down at our coffee table and being able to get a better perspective of what we are interested in- yes, please, judge me by my coffee tables books! Alas, I refuse to get one due to the fact we live in an apartment just barely bigger than a box- but, someday soon, when we do have a house, I will most definitely go on a coffee table book binge.


  1. Coffee table books are nice, but so often the seem to be mass produced crap - like someone bought a bunch of stock photos from a particular city and made a coffee table book out of it. I agree though - it's nice to have something to read on the coffee table.

  2. Agreed- I will definitely be selective. No Borders $10.99 bargains for me!