Either Good Taste or Good Ass-Kissing

Today, in both of my sophomore English classes, we finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird (yes, I'm ignoring the anthology for now and teaching novels... in conjunction with the standards, of course) and some of my students actually clapped. When they came in most asked me if we were going to finish the book today because they wanted to "know how it ends." Yes, my students who think "hella sic" is an adjective, draw marijuana leaves on their folders, have odd piercings in their faces, and ask me every weekend if I'm "going to party," wanted to know if Scout and Jem survived their attack alive. I even heard a few "awwws" from the girls when Scout escorts Boo home. Either they have a shred of good taste or they're just good at ass-kissing.

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  1. Wow, good for you! That's great that you were able to teach quality literature to your students. I bet they will remember that novel forever, I sure did. What a great teaching moment...