Kanye Hearts Borders

First of all, I am completely joking with the title of this post, at least about the "hearts" part- this just allows me to go on a quick rant. When the hell did the word "heart" become a verb? It's a shape, a symbol, an organ, folks! Crap. Shit. Geez. Okay, done.

Anyway, when my husband and I were on vacation last month we quickly tired of Hawaii's radio stations after forgetting CDs and iPod auxiliary cables for the rental car (lots of Christian rock, surprisingly). Finding ourselves at a Best Buy we decided to hit up their very limited music section, and, after hearing rave reviews of Kanye West's new album, my music-loving husband decided to give it a try, and I didn't object. Turns out, many of the songs are great to run to, so it's been on heavy rotation lately (nonetheless, I still wholeheartedly believe that Kanye West is still a massive douchebag).

What does this have to do with books? Well, in my favorite song on the album, All of the Lights, Kanye sings, "public visitation/we met at Borders/told her she take me back/I'd be more supportive." What? Kanye is singing about Borders? As in the place with the books? Granted it's obviously one of those arranged, "you can't beat the crap out of me in public" kind of situations, but still, Borders? I wonder if Kanye got suckered into the Rewards program like I did. After a little research it turns out that while Kanye may be an arrogant prick, he's actually somewhat smart (for a gangsta) and has done some time... in college.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Kanye mentions Borders in his songs and I get excited.

Image Credit: http://www.gossiboocrew.com/kanye-west/2009/09/14/kanye-west-is-an-arrogant-drunk-ss-douche-bag/

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