I Love Oompa Loompas

Today is an incredibly important holiday- National Milk Chocolate Day. To celebrate, everyone should read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, or at least take a second to pay homage to one of the best children's books ever (shut up, peanut gallery). There's nothing better than Oompa Loompas- I love those little guys (almost as much as ewoks). Oh, and rivers filled with chocolate- seriously, get me a straw. Unfortunately, due to my self-imposed sugar cutback I had to commemorate this fine occasion with a No-Sugar Added Fudgesicle. Whoopdefuckingdo. Oh, and that stupid little brat Violet. What a whiny bitch. The only problem I had with this book when I was little was that the four grandparents slept in the same bed, head to foot. What if they wanted alone time? Anyway, I hope you find the golden ticket.

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  1. I was so obsessed with Roald Dahl when I was younger! Matilda, The Twits. Le sigh.