Paper for the Blogger/Bust Out the Bubbly

Isn't that ironic- the traditional one-year anniversary present is typically paper. Paper for the blogger? Ha. So, my little project has reached the one year mark, and I have to thank everyone out there who has read anywhere from the one to one hundred fifty-four posts that I have written.

It took me a long time to make the jump to blogging- there are a lot of misconceptions about the blogging world. I think one of the biggest hurdles for me was trying to decide why I wanted to blog- was it for a purely personaly creative exercise, or was it for other people? And if it was for other people, what was to say they'd care? It's something I still think about, but less- I've resolved not to care. I really love writing, and posting is something I look forward to. Does the fact that the traffic has increased more than ten times since I've started not matter? Of course it does. But, even if I was still clamoring for a few hundred hits a month, I'd keep on trucking. I love books and literature's role in the world, and having an outlet to express my thoughts on these topics makes me happy. I do have to make sure and not become too comfortable, though. A blog is fun, but not my exactly the end all be all for writing. But, that's another day.

A few flashbacks

Where it all started:
First post

Top three most popular posts:
Goo Goo for Gary (who actually responded via Facebook- super awesome guy)
Listening vs. Reading
Death to eReaders

The two most commented on:
Gay Penguins
Grammar Nazi

Most Popular Tags:
Being Over Dramatic (shocking)
Children's Books (actually not thrilled about it- I blame it on Potter)

Three Most Random Posts:
Pregnant with Anderson Cooper's Baby

Again, thank you everyone who reads. Also, a huge thanks for those of you who have helped me acquire new readers- liking my posts so they appear on Facebook, linking on Facebook, following the blog and Twitter, commenting, adding me to your blogrolls, etc...

Aren't you supposed to drink on your anniversary? Get presents? Have sex? 0 for 3. Damn.

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