Boooooo! October Reviews

And by "boo" I'm not referring to Halloween (not my favorite holiday), just to the fact that I only read two books this month (even if that is better than September). The two that I did read were definitely worth it:

Maybe Baby by Lori Leibovich (and 28 assorted writers)
288 Pages

I wrote a bit about this book a few weeks ago for Nonfiction Nagging, but I have to say it was a great read that really catalyzed some important, timely thought and dialogue in my life. While I'm not sure if people who have kids will benefit as much from it, I really think those that are childless and contemplating their next steps would take away something. It's aim isn't to push you one way or the other, but instead give you different viewpoints to facilitate your own thinking. All I know is that if/when I have kids they're not going to be spoiled or lazy and that I'm not going to lose my own identity and passions to motherhood.

The Selected Works of TS Spivet
by Reif Larsen
400 pages

I adore this book- the writing, the characters, the story. It's not your normal text- there are sketches in the margins, "side" notes, and it's just a weird shape. Spivet is a twelve-year-old savant who makes maps of basically everything. His work is submitted to the Smithsonian and wins a prestigious prize, without them realizing that he is just a child. He accepts without telling his parents and thus begins a journey across the country. As I've said before, I'm a sucker for first novels and comin
g-of-age stories and this is both. Spivet is quirky, awkward, and just inherently a good person. There will definitely be people in my life getting this book for Christmas. This was my choice, based on my husband's recommendation, for book club and the three of us all really enjoyed it.

Up next- The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. Right after I paint my last room. Mother effer.

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