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I love my house, I really do. But what if was made of books?

According to a video promoting the piece (see below- very interesting footage), Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's house made of books was commissioned by Modern Art of Oxford and the Fruitmarket Gallery. The instillation, The House of Books Has No Windows, was created in just three week out of vintage books set to be pulped (gasp!).

I think what really stood out to me was the fact that these books were meant to be pulped. That's book-language for slaughtered. Fast-forward twenty, thirty, forty years in the future. Is this what the future holds for books with the whole Kindle revolution? Are my great-grandchildren going to go on Antiques Roadshow in sixty years with books? And the appraiser will give them nickles? My first edition Jonathan Safran Foer Tree of Codes book will be a mere $1.50? Sad.

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