Pin the Tail on the Semi-Pointless Timesuck

Everyone and their mother (okay, not mine) seems to be on Pinterest, so I've finally bit the bullet and signed up. It's fun to pin my stuff, but is it bad that I don't really care about anyone else's? I'm not really in the market for finding artsy craftsy activities or seeing what other people want for their birthdays. In fact I'm pretty sure it's just another way to stalk people. I do love lists, though, and see it as a way to stay organized so I may use it for that.

If you're bored/nosy/masochistic you can check you my boards (okay, just a board right now), although I think you may have to be a Pinterest member. I'm really not sure how this stupid thing works and I'm really tempted to use it to eff with people ("My favorite sex toys" board, anyone?), if I had the time.

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  1. I am a fellow lover of books and I haven't been on Pinterest either. The only tech thing I know how to do is blog. I'll be the last to know what it is for sure.