Let's Examine How Much I Sucked, Shall We?

So last year I made some "literary resolutions." To be honest, I had forgotten about most until I just looked at them (aint that always the way with these little effers?). Let's see how I did:

1. Read more: success

Ha! Booyah. I wanted to read over 30 books this year (I only read 26 last year and 39 the previous year). This year I read 38- I met my goal with an average of 3.17 books per month. I see some book bloggers that read over a hundred a year- how do they do it? I have some theories, but I'll be nice. Next year let's make it 40. Dream big.

2. Try a graphic novel: failure

I got one for Christmas, so maybe this year.

3. Get real: success

I read quite a few non-fiction books this year and even instituted "non-fiction nagging." I have actually really enjoyed it, and reading about issues I care about allows me the freedom to discuss things I wouldn't normally get to on the blog. Many of this year's where about deciding to have a baby and running; here's hoping for more variety next year. I mean this year.

4. Writing: big fat failure

I thought this year would be the year of the novel. Not so much. And by not so much I mean a lot of thinking with zero words on paper (or screen). This is the only one I'm probably actually angry (at myself) about. Round 2.

5. Finish Underworld: failure

Fuck Don DeLillo.

6. Go to more readings: failure

This wasn't really my fault- there just weren't a ton of them this year. I've heard rumors about lots of great releases next year, so hopefully more authors will visit Southern California.

7. Curbing the book buying habit: failure

I'm up to 60+ unread books, although many are a result of gifts. But still, I asked for them. I just can't help it.

So, I'm 2 for 7. I'd call that sucking on the resolutions front. But, have you know, I didn't suck at the rest of my life. 2011 was pretty damn decent- we added Chomsky the crazy puppy (who is now almost 11 months and 85+ pounds) to our family, bought the house we plan on living in forever and not kill each other in our third year of marriage. I ran several half-marathons, managed to produce my first yearbook with the class I advise, had a ton of fun with friends, joined a book/drinking club, and started going to yoga consistently. 2012 should hopefully be better- I plan on curing AIDS, solving world hunger, and developing an effective way to stop depending on oil. You know, basically just being awesome.

2012, you will be my bitch.

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  1. I was thinking that you did ok until you said that you were 2 for 7. In your defense, you did have a busy year. Now, yes, please work on curing AIDS. Thank you.*