November Reviews- Your Mom Busts Out Fast Reviews Without Pictures

I have a student that takes pretty much everything and prefaces it "Your mom is..." At first I tried to get him to stop, but it was entertaining and he does his work (one of those "pick your battle" kind of things). My favorite was when I told him to be quiet and read and he retorted, "Your mom is quiet and reads, Mrs. Stebbing." Half right; my mom in nowhere near quiet, but she does read. I've also heard, "Your mom claps her hands," "Your mom speaks in a British accent," and "Your mom doesn't do her homework." Ahh, kids. Well, like your mom, this review is also fast and to the point.

I read two books and have already wrote tangential posts on both, so I won't bore you with crap ("Your mom bores you with crap").

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
416 Pages
I had a bit of a hard time getting into this novel, but once it started picking up it was really good (hang in there for the first seventy-five pages). That being said, it is not driven by plot; it is a definite character study, so if that's not your bag (baby), you may want to skip it. I thought Middlesex was a stronger novel, but this one still deserves accolades. Read my diatribe on bipolar disorder here.

Antibiotic Resistance by Karl Drlica and David Perlin
288 pages
I really enjoyed this because it confirmed something I've lived by for a long time- antibiotics are making our culture weak. If you're interested in more of my half-assed analysis read here. If you don't have the cellular basics down, brush up or skip.

Two books? Ah yes, but 704 pages (plus rereading Julius Caesar twice for work). Take that.

Your mom busts out fast reviews without pictures because she needs to go to yoga.

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