Mystery in Edinburgh

As the internet is abuzz with this fantastic story, I'm sure most of you have heard about it by now. I was so captivated by it I thought I'd quickly share, just in case (The List does a much better job).

During the past year or so a mysterious Scottish sculptor has been leaving intricate paper constructions made of books in various "artsy" locations throu
ghout Edinburgh along with little literary notes (plus one extra for one of the authors involved, Ian Rankin). No one seems to know the creator (except a few people who are respecting the artist's privacy), nor does anyone want to- the mystery behind the surprise gifts is romantic in an age where libraries are being shut down. Seriously, read the article. My summarizing skills are seriously impaired tonight due to some sort of raging cold. I think someone needs to write a kids book about this whole thing. I'd buy it.

A few pictures:

[Source: Chris Scott]

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