Top Ten Tuesday- Sentimental, Yet Practical

This week's Top Ten Tuesday (from the Broke and the Bookish) asks bloggers to decide the ten books they'd save if their house was about to be destroyed by fire/earthquake/flood/zombies. Here are mine:

1. Charlotte's Web by EB White- My first chapter book- the sentimental value is irreplaceable.

2. Our Wedding Album- While I understand this isn't necessarily a traditional book, it has pictures, words and pages- fits my criteria.

3. Crime and Punishment by Fydor Dosteyvsky- Not only is it my favorite book, but it's also all marked up from high school. I was so not as smart as I thought I was back then...

4. My journals- They're all in one place, so I'm going to consider them as just one entry (despite that there are probably fifteen or so). I'm sure a lot of people would be surprised that I journal, considering my distaste for scrapbooking and aversion to sappiness. But it became a habit over twenty years ago and will hopefully always be. There's no way I'd leave them behind.

5. My yearbook from senior year- Damn I'm turning this into a sentimental post. I love looking through it and reading what my friends wrote.

6. Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer- If my house is destroyed I may need some cash- this is worth a couple hundred bucks (it's a first edition).

7. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook- I don't want to starve and have very few decent recipes stuck in my head. What if I need to bust out a souffle?

8. A book I've never read before- I'm sure I'll have down time, considering all my other belongings have been ruined. I'll need something to start a new library with.

9. The Road by Cormac McCarthy- In the event that the reason why my house has been destroyed in some sort of apocalypse, this book has some great survival tips.

10. Underworld by Don DeLillo- I'm going to finish this bitch one day. It's tabbed and possibly written in- I'm not losing that work.


  1. Oh yes I would have to grab our computer since it has all our wedding photos on it and I could just reprint them.

  2. Ahah, we are world's apart and yet we both include senior yearbooks, yay for sappiness ;)
    Ver ypractical actually, what with cooking and survival tips and selling a first edition and whatnot... I guess I'm not quite as practical as I thought.
    In high school, our headmaster decided to read a chapter of Charlotte's Web to us during every assembly. (South African school children are not as exposed to this novel as American school children, and so most of us had never heard of it.)

  3. Ooo, clever putting a book you haven't read yet! And the personal items too!

    My top ten post

  4. I think this is definitely a sentimental prompt this week. I will also finish Underworld one of these days.