The Bunny Died for Our Sins. Right?

I used to love Easter when I lived at home- my mom hid baskets full of cheap trinkets and candy and we'd find them. Eggs were colored the year before, and the rest of Easter was usually spent being lazy. Simple and fun. 

At one point, we were going to church- apparently this is some sort of religious holiday. If I recall, the Easter Bunny dies for our sins and then comes back to life to spend eternity delivering crap to children in the middle of the night? Is that right? Oh wait... Anyway, we were a church-going family for awhile and we'd get dressed in our spring finest, take some pictures, and then head on out to hear about the version of Easter that doesn't include rabbits.

In honor of this holiday, that has been turned into something ginormous and commercial ('tis the American way), I bring to you the Brick Bible- a LEGO version of the Holy Text. Given my love of LEGOS I find this very amusing. It's officially on my Amazon wish list.

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  1. We celebrated Easter by going to look at people walking up and down 5th Ave wearing ridiculously amazing hats. Well, I guess "Easter Bonnets." Apparently not only do Peeps last for eternity, but they are also good for decorating hats and sport coats.