The Big Green Paperweight

I've been reading a lot of this book lately:

So far, in 7 days of instructions (students are in the same class, all day- 6.5 hours of "butt in seat time") we've covered things such as: basic chemistry, cell organelles, active/transport through the cellular membrane, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, prokaryotes/eukaryotes, DNA's structure (double helix), genes, meiosis, chromosomes, mutations, inheritance, Mendel and his mother-effing pea plants, sex-linked vs. autosomal disorders, Punnett squares, and a little Charles Darwin. And that's just the larger concepts.

My students also learned another valuable lesson today, called "Mrs. S can keep her cell phone out on her desk because she has a BA, Master's, and three teaching credentials, not to mention the fact that she is an adult and students are teenagers and adults trump teenagers every single damn time." It came somewhere after the lesson entitled "How to laugh hysterically when your teacher has a shit-fit because the IT guy accidentally/temporarily messed up her computer and she teaches completely through PowerPoints because she isn't quite sure what she's doing." I understand that these lessons are run on sentences, but guess what? I'm teaching science, bitches! No one cares about grammar in science! It's all "transport protein this" and "heterozygous recessive that." 

Oh yes, we are learning so, so much.

I hate the fast pace, crazy workload, and the long days. I love the future check I'm going to get compensating me for the lost sanity. I like the fact that I now know that if I was ever (God forbid) assigned to teach biology during the regular school year I could do it, and probably decently, since I'd be doing one lesson a day instead of six. 

Oh yes, we are learning so, so much.


  1. Science scares me. I could totally rock history or algebra, but science is way outside my comfort zone. Sounds like you are having a ball with it. And if you aren't, it sounds like you will later have a ball with the money you earn from it.*

  2. Dylan dressed up as Gregor Mendel for Halloween one year. He brought a can of peas with him. No joke.

    I am married to the world's biggest dork.