Books on Your Back- Nature Would Not Select You

This shirt from Out of Print is so ridiculously appropriate right now- I just covered Darwin and his contributions to evolution and ecology on Friday. I need to read The Origins of Species, considering I am an English/Biology teacher right now (or, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, if you want to get technical).

Confession- I'm in love with the name Darwin and would love to name a future child that. Unfortunately, my husband isn't quite as enthusiastic and we've had names picked out for the non-existent kids for like a million years. 

As a side note, check out my summer reading guest post on Fancy Napkin. Erinn is out gallivanting around Europe and asked if I'd help out, which of course I was honored to do. Also, a quick thanks to Vanessa at The Gourmet Runner for sending me the Nuun products I won! They're supposed to great while running, but I "hear" they're fantastic for hangovers too...


  1. I think Darwin was the name of a monkey on a Nickelodeon cartoon. After seeing that, I always thought it'd make a cute pet name.*

  2. Glad you got the nuun! Speaking from personal experience over the past 48 hours, it DOES come in handy after a drink or seven.

  3. Thanks again Christine for guest blogging :) Totally appreciate you holding down the fort!

  4. Rylan has that shirt! It's fun to see the disgusted looks we get from the conservative set (which is most of Tennessee) when we take him out while he's wearing it.