A Sensitive Matter

I got home in time today delete the post I had scheduled touting my giveaway before it was to post. Today is not the day. I can't fathom how anyone is blogging today about anything- everything is so trivial in the aftermath of the horrible Connecticut tragedy. Sure, many of us aren't connected, but we've all gone to school and we've all lost loved ones. This could happen anywhere, to anyone. 

We need to be more proactive, instead of reactive, in terms of gun control and school security. People kill, yes, but why make it easier for them to do so? We as a society have got to make acquiring firearms more difficult- more thorough background checks, psychological evaluations, better training, research on the intent of purchase, and harsher consequences about letting others use guns registered in your name. I don't think making them impossible to get is the answer either; I know plenty of very sane, kind people who own guns for sport or hunting (not that I personally condone shooting animals). I won't ever allow one in my home- accidents happen and houses get broken into.

Schools all over the country need to better security, although it's much easier said than done. An armed person enters a school office you can bet your ass the secretary is going to let them through- it's a natural reaction. People can jump fences, windows can be shot out. There's no simple answer short of building fortress walls and sticking an armed guard at the entrance. As a teacher I play the "what if we're next?" game whenever something like this happens. I work at a rougher school (that I love) and I know that some of my students' homes have guns. Area, though, has nothing to do with it- Connecticut is nowhere near slum status.

There are changes that need to be made. But tonight we pray. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. My thoughts are aligned with yours on this matter of what to do about all these crazy circumstances.

  2. Great post Christine. School should be a safe haven for students AND staff and it is a shame that my safety is questioned when things like this happen. Our job shouldn't be a dangerous one. In terms of gun control laws and stricter security in school, I hope something is done and its sad that it takes something this tragic for shit to be done about it.