Books for Non-Readers

Obligatory reminder about the giveaway. You should enter. Free things are good (and yes, I will ship internationally; Cory did so to me, so I'll pass along the favors. Plus, it will make me feel special at the post office).

So, apparently, some idiots people aren't readers. I don't claim to understand such nonsense, but there are still books you can buy for these stupid special people during this holiday season. 

Title: How to Speak Wookie 
Author: Wu Kae Smith
Good for: People who are frustrated there's no Rosetta Stone for Wookie.

Title: Melt 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese 
Author: Shane Kearns

Good for: People who like grilled cheese. Duh.

Title: Understand Rap
Author: William Buckholz

Good for: White people

Title: 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in USA and Canada
Author: Barbara Ireland
Good for: People who need to get out more.

Title: How Smart is Your Dog? Test Your Pet IQ
Author: Parragon Books
Good for: People with an unnatural obsession with their dogs (yeah, so, I have it on my wish list now).

Title: The Best Shots You've Never Tried
Author: Andrew Bohrer

Good for: Alcoholics. College kids. 29 year old teachers who don't cope well with their problems.

Title: Great in Bed
Author: Debby Herbenick and Grant Stoddard
Good For: People that like the sex (a legitimate substitute for reading, I suppose).

Title: F NISH TH S B   K
Author: Keri Smith
Good for: People who think "anyone can write a book."

Title: Suri's Burn Book
Author: Allie Hagan
Good for: Fashionistas. Celebrity gossip fans. Pedophiles.

Title: Raising Unicorns
Author: Jessica S. Maques
Good for: People who think child rearing is a big fat waste of time.


  1. My husband is a non-reader, sadly. The thing is, he's so smart. I know he'd like reading if he found the right book! Alas, he doesn't enjoy it, and I try not to press the issue.

  2. You shouldn't have crossed out stupid ;) Ha! Great list by the way!

  3. What an eclectic bunch of books. I almost want to get them all because they seem so 'out there'!

  4. Hehe, great list! F NISH TH S B K sounds like a fun, interactive book =D And for some reason, I never thought that Suri's Burn Book was an actual book that you can purchase! *blushes*

    Thanks for sharing this list =)