Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Last week I bitched that it was too cold; this week at 91 degrees it's too hot. It really is, though, for mid-March. I'm not okay making the jump straight from sweaters to tank tops and (shudder) shorts. I need some time in-between to lose a few pounds acclimate.

[Bows! Source]
2. Speaking of losing a few pounds, there is nothing  more motivating than browsing online for bathing suits. Seriously. Feel like eating a cupcake? Look at bathing suits. Want a glass of wine? Look at bathing suits. Now that we have a pool, I'm outside almost every day during the summer. I mostly stick to the cheap ones at Old Navy and Target, but I think a splurge on one good suit (for when it's not just the dogs in the backyard with  me) is acceptable.

3. Everyone knows how much I hate eReaders, but I really appreciated the pro-gay marriage message in this Amazon Kindle commercial:

4. Everything tastes better from Mason jars. Even water. Add a straw and you're golden.

5. The yearbook is done! Finally! These past few weeks have been pretty crazy and stressful- a combination of the procrastinating tendencies of some of my staff members and the switch to a chronological format. Strangely, though, there was no climatic surge of  joy when I pushed the final "submit" button on the last page, but nonetheless my life is easier now. Unfortunately, I now have 22 kids with nothing to do (except plan potlucks and ping-pong tournaments, apparently).

6. Remember how I said I was going to stop buying books? I have. I also found a loophole and am now agreeing to ARCs like a mo'fo- I think five in the past month? Of course this is completely counterproductive as this wasn't a budgetary move, but one based on the need to widdle down my TBR pile.

7. It occurred to me the other day when I was at the salon that I use hair appointments (every 3 months), as well as dentist ones (every six), to take stock of my life. The dentist's office is particularly nosy- they seem to seriously take notes on whatever I say each visit and then ask me about it when I return. My husband and his family go there as well, upping the "things they know" factor. It's weird and I'm not sure if I appreciate the reality checks that come along with the cleanings. Yes, I know they're trying to be nice. 

8. I am beyond excited that the Veronica Mars movie is going to be made, thanks to everyone who donated on Kickstarter. Good job guys! I decided to wait it out and see if my money was really needed, which it is definitely not, given the fact that they've surpassed three million dollars on day two. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? You don't like Veronica Mars? That's cool, that's fine. It's okay to be lame.

[All they needed was two million; source]

 9. I have to go back on my declaration that the LA Times Festival of Books was looking pretty pathetic this year. They've since added Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood, Maria Semple, Hector Tobar, and Allison Bechdel. I guess I'll have to don my blue and yellow and head into Trojan territory next month.

10. It's no secret that I love to torture my dogs (within reason), so I couldn't resist snagging a few of the balloons they were giving out to kids who scored proficient on last year's CAHSEE. It was a good time for all. 

[I'm not a complete bitch; we went on a walk right after]

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