High Five for Friday

Clockwise from the top right:
1. Getting back from Tampa last Saturday was ridiculous. We disembarked from the cruise much earlier than anticipated- 8:45 am. We arrived at the Tampa airport by 9:30... for our 3:15 flight. They put us on a 1:15 to Houston, and there we sat for three hours. Just as we were coming into Orange County at 8:15 Pacific time we learned that the John Wayne airport runways were closed due to a stalled plane, so we circled for a bit and had to turn around to refuel at a nearby airport. We sat there for awhile, and then flew ten minutes back to Orange County. Sixteen hours of travel time later, we were home.

2. I made my mom an ombre birthday cake that used Sprite and egg whites. It was delicious and pretty easy on the eyes.

3. We tried out A La Minute in Redlands for ice cream made with liquid nitrogen- the creamiest I've ever had!

4. Wednesday we got up at 3:30 am and drove to San Diego for the family cruise on my little brother's Navy ship. It was really interesting and it was nice to see my brother in his element. It was definitely a long day (after a long two weeks)- I went home when it was over and slept for eleven glorious hours.

5. This was Cordie and I last night- she was not a fan of the fireworks people did illegally in our neighborhood. 

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