High Five for Friday

Time for a weekly check in, brought to you by The Lauren Elizabeth blog.

Clockwise, from the top left:

1. My ice cream consumption is out of control. After I went to A La Minute last week, my husband and I tried a local place called Christopher Michael Ice Cream (not bad at all) and a place a bit farther in Sierra Madre called Mother Moo Creamery (damn good). Not to mention a Blizzard and a frozen yogurt stop later in the week. I'd probably be more concerned if the scale reflected the excess, but luckily it hasn't been an issue- yet. Next week there will be none. Pinky promise.

2. Over the weekend my husband and I made a quick trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens with some friends. It was a bit warm out, but, as always, the grounds were beautiful. We popped into the exhibit halls and galleries for a few minutes as well.

3. Yoga has definitely been my work out of choice this week- I've gone four days in a row. My hamstrings and arms are a bit sore, but in a good way. Two of my students joined me on Wednesday and I was pretty shocked at how mature they were. 

4. The Plumerias are blooming! I wish I could say this was because if my green thumb, but I have to give credit to the guys that do our yard. 

5. Earlier in the week, when it was hotter, I swam laps (I use that term loosely, since we definitely don't have a pool conducive to lap swimming) and decided to torture poor Cordie. She really is a trooper.


  1. Ha ha! I looove that picture of your pooch. What a good sport ;)

  2. The Huntington Library and Gardens are near the top of my list of places to visit in the US. I work in a library quite similar to the library there (a research library and archive attached to a botanic garden/art gallery) and their collection is bigger, better, and more thoroughly funded - I would love to see it and pick the brains of the librarians.

    I think I just thoroughly admitted my nerdiness. Might as well own it.