Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I'm off to spend the entire day at the beach today. I seriously have no idea when the last time I did that was, as least in Southern California. Most of the beaches are pretty crowded and crazy, but we're going to head to the less-populated Crystal Cove in Laguna. 

2. I went to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z "Legends of the Summer" concert last weekend at the Rose Bowl and was seriously impressed (not with traffic or parking, though). The crowd had the most energy I've ever seen and the production itself was simple awesome. It was the best people watching I've ever had.

[Fact: it's basically impossible to tale a good concert picture]
3. I bought a pint of the Ben and Jerry's Liz Lemon ice cream (lemon, blueberry, and lavender) last weekend and I managed to made it last five whole days. It was really good (and even made with my arch-nemesis Greek yogurt); apparently when I'm really trying I actually do have a tiny bit of self-control.

4. I had coffee with Monica from Run Eat Repeat the other day and we started talking about teachers and the internet, and how there needs to be more district training on what is acceptable in terms of social media. Teachers also need to be taught how to safely utilize it as a tool for learning and communication. Yes, there are sites like Edmodo, but let's face it- the kids already spend a ton of time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

5.  I'm currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which I love, and I just wrote out this long-winded spiel on racial politics that I promptly deleted for fear of misinterpretation. Bottom line: I think sometimes there's this sort of preconceived notion that white Americans are supposed to be embarrassed for being white and American. I have some thoughts that are still coming together. Books that make you think are the best.

6. When sitting at a red light I really like watching the expressions of the people turning left, across the intersection. It feels so intrusive, like I'm watching them do something private, like relieve themselves or have sex. Cars are such weird places- we feel like we're isolated and invisible, but we're really not.

7. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday to pick up a magazine for the beach and not one single publication sparked my interest. I used to be the magazine queen! And seriously, when did they start costing six bucks a pop? Highway robbery, I tell you.

8. The new Edible Garden being planned at the AT&T is pretty damn cool. They plan on taking an area they currently grow extra sod at and converting it to an edible garden that will produce food for concession stands. 

9. I wish I was the type of person that was better at sending cards and notes to people. I think written correspondence has become such a lost art.

10. I'm officially hooked on Downton Abbey. I hate to say it, but as soon as that guy Mary was having sex with died I was sold. I don't necessarily like her (Sybil is obviously the most likeable sister), but how traumatic would that be to be mid-action and then... death. Oh, and I can't believe how... normal.. O'Brien look in real life. 


  1. Regarding #5, if it's any consolation, we have the same issue in South Africa. When I was on Semester at Sea I was asked so often what it is like being WHITE, and SOUTH AFRICAN, and it was like guilt was expected to be part of my answer (never mind the fact that I never lived in Apartheid). Anyway.

    Also, BEN & JERRY! The day it comes to SA will be the best day ever. I ate a whole pint of it all by myself in Hawaii. And I'm not ashamed.

  2. Welcome to Downton obsession! While we were watching the series, I could not watch network TV. We watched an episode of Downton, then put Two and a Half Men on and I was like, What is this RUBBISH?!

    And yes, please send more cards and notes!

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