Good Morning. Let's Talk About Celebrities.

Let's talk about celebrities. A totally un-bookish topic, but let's go with it. It is Sunday, after all. The New York Times has their crossword puzzle and their book section, today we'll do the opposite. Stick that on your bagel and toast it.

I want to be  Braverman. We're speeding through the last previous season of Parenthood on Netflix so that we can catch up with the current season on Hulu. I love that show so very, very much, despite how depressing it is. My husband and I even made up a drinking game- take a shot every time someone cries. You'll be totally gone by the twenty-minute mark on most episodes.

I've never really had a thing for Adam Levine. In fact, I've always found him sort of... gross. Like dirty. Not Johnny Depp as a pirate hot-dirty, though. Then, the other day I read the perfect descriptor of the man- he's skeezy. Yes. That is is it. Adam Levine is skeezy.

I'm contemplating packing up Sawyer today and going to Barnes and Noble so that I can look at the twenty-whatever pages of Clooney's wedding. His new wife is just so darn pretty. And smart. And it was In Italy. 

I can't decide if I like Lauren Conrad. Does she deserve to be famous? Is she doing anything different? Is she really an up-and-coming Martha? I just don't know.

I'm sincerely happy for Princess Kate's baby news. Mostly because I seriously love her hair. If you have good hair you should have a good life. The end.


I want to go to Giada's restaurant in Vegas so badly, but until we make it out there I just ogle her Instagram photos. I want to recreate this.

I was seriously disappointed to hear that Cher had a concert in our area a few weeks ago and I missed it. How fun would that have been? Plus my brother, who is up for anything, said he would have gone with me. I'll probably never have another chance, since she's probably going to retire soon. Or die.

I've always been a fan of Chelsea Clinton, ever since she had to go through her extremely gawky teenage years in the White House. And now she made my favorite president a grandfather. Good job, guys. 


  1. Oh man, that wedding dress! If I was getting married today, I'd love to wear that dress! Although, that neckline isn't very flattering on me. Still, I'd wear it.

    I'm also with you on LC. I don't hate her, but why should I like her? But her stuff is so pretty. But it's unoriginal. But I still like it. The internal battle rages on.