Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Last week was really shitty (hence the half-assed post). Some things were bad in the "never going to be amusing" way, while some aspects were eventually pretty comical. Take the fact that mornings Tuesday thru Friday were all ridiculous. Tuesday I spilled creamer all over the floor, Sawyer peed on me, and I forgot my pumping supplies after I had gotten two miles away from my house and had to turn around (all before 6:30). Wednesday I fell down the stairs- thankfully I was not holding the baby. I didn't break anything besides ten million blood vessels on my ass- I have never had such angry looking bruises in my life. If it was socially acceptable in my circles I'd post a picture on Instagram. They're that impressive. Thursday Sawyer had a huge blow out as I was driving up to daycare (I refuse to take in a kid with a messy diaper- poor form). Then Friday I woke up feeling like utter shit with a terrible head cold. This week has been better. Thank goodness.

2. I'm pretty much obsessed with checking the 10-day forecast to see if fall has arrived. It has not. Temperature are slowly creeping away from the high-90s, though, and we may even see -gasp- the seventies here in a week and a half.

3. I've really become exceptional at playing out arguments with people in my mind, generally when I drive. There's something cathartic about it. Plus, I believe in being prepared.

4. Is it weird that I kind of want to take the GRE or LSAT, just to see what I'd score? I have no desire in going to graduate or law school, I'm just curious.

5. The next several days are going to be really busy. My mom comes in to town tomorrow (she's staying a half hour or so away, though, at my grandparents') and is stopping by to see us (and by "us" I mean Sawyer) tomorrow night and  Friday my in-laws are coming over after work. Saturday we're going apple picking with my mom and brother, and then that evening my husband and I are going to go see Gone Girl. Sunday morning I'm dropping the baby off with my mom at my grandparents' and am then going to a bachelorette brunch for awhile. I know, all incredibly exciting activities. But for me, who spent so much time in a cave all summer, this is a big deal. I'm tired already.

6. This small study from UCLA (go Bruins!) may change Alzheimer's treatments someday. My grandmother was unfortunately diagnosed several months ago, so this is definitely a topic that sparks my interest. I think more than anything, the take away here is that there's a lot we can do to proactively to try to stay healthy. Sleep more, eat better, and move! All common sense stuff.

[this might be a problem | source]

7. Check out Mark Bustos on Instagram- he's a hair stylist that cuts the hair of homeless people.

8. I'm running a half marathon in about four months- shall we all laugh together? This is part of the reason why I'm obsessing over the weather. My treadmill is in an extra room upstairs, which is usually at least 88 degrees by the time I get home (we don't run the air upstairs; by the time we go to bed we turn on our whole house fan with the open windows and we're good to go). 

9. The Giants won last round of the playoffs and area headed off to play the Cardinals starting Saturday. I won't lie- the fact that both Southern California teams, the Angels and the Dodgers, were knocked off in the first round was pretty effing awesome. If the Giants make it to the World Series my husband and I joked about trying to get tickets and just going. And then I decided maybe we should just do it. Yes, it will be expensive (it could be our anniversary, birthday, and Christmas presents!), and a little challenging with a baby, but who knows when this will happen again? Sure, if they make it would be the third time in five years, but it could never happen again! So maybe. Probably not, but maybe.

10. I'm loving this article on why taking your kid to Disneyland can suck. I get that it has a happy ending, but it's nice to see the negatives. We're not taking Sawyer until he's 4-5- old enough to remember it, not need a stroller, and able to forgo a nap. I just posted it on Facebook- I'm sure all the Disney freaks are gearing up to lynch me any second. Five... four... three... two...


  1. Yes, I keep hoping for fall (I live in Central California); you are in this wonderful state, too, aren't you?

    Temps in the 90s is a cooling trend, according to the weather people, but we have actually seen some days in the 80s...and in the morning, it is cooler.

    I can relate to all those problems that we manufacture and obsess about....

    I didn't mention Gone Girl in my post....I saw it on Sunday and absolutely LOVED it. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. 2. I'm also checking the weather. Because: summer.
    6. Alzheimer's is cruel. Interesting article.
    7. That's wonderful.
    9. Do it. It's the stuff the best memories are made of.

  3. Your posts are always enjoyable and make me laugh (with you!) so THANK YOU for that!! :)

  4. Sorry to hear that last week was pretty crappy on your end, glad to hear this week's been a lot better!

    Good point about #10. My parents took me when I was like 2 or 3; don't remember a thing xD

  5. Hahaha @ #3. I do this ALL the time. Or I'll "talk" to other drivers, like: "no, no, no, this is a four-way stop, it was my turn to go!", as if they can hear me.