Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. The Passion Pit has a new album coming out soon! Excellent news for my music rut.

2. Sawyer's birthday party is robot-themed, so I've been collecting "random shit" to make a few robots out of. We're not having a big party, but I still want a few cool things to make it special. I have this vision that I'm just going to duct tape everything together, spray it all silver and then glue some brightly colored odds and ends to things. Does spray paint work on plastic? I foresee a mess.

3. Coming from California's Central Valley, the drought is literally hitting home. I try not to think about it too much, but enough so that I'm cognizent of our household's water use. I think so often our solution, as a "people," involves throwing money at things- you can't pay the clouds to rain and snow! That being said, substantial funds do need to go towards working on desalinization plants (or getting them back on line) and more efficient ways of working agriculture. Strictly cutting off farmers, as some are quickly to suggest, is a terrible idea in terms of our nation's economy, the livelihood of many, and also our global food supply. 

4. Over spring break our friends, who are expecting their first baby in a few months, came over for dinner and it was funny to attempt to offer them advice. Ha! Please. But honestly, I think the bottom line for anyone is that they'll be fine. There have been plenty of stupid, inept people that have gone through labor and have survived infants, so if you have a few brains and, a heart, you can totally do it.

5. I cashed in a gift card and got three new books: TC Boyle's The Harder They Come, The New York Times' By the Book, and the Lonely Planet's An Innocent Abroad. Because I don't have enough to read.

6. Sawyer also got some new books for Easter from my in-laws, one of which being the hysterical Peanut Butter and Cupcake. It's ridiculous. If you have little ones you have to buy it.

7. Over half of my FitBit friends suck are innactive. Do you want to be my friend? Leave your email in the comments or PM on Twitter. Motivation, guys!

8. Speaking of motivation, I ate a bazillion rice krispy treats (my special recipe: make a batch, sprinkle cut up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on top, then cover with another batch) today, so I just did a quick PiYo arms work out (thanks to Amazon for their super empty, super interesting box that kept my kid busy) and am about to go outside to attempt so easy interval running with the jogging stroller. God help me. Why I waited to try this until now, when my kid is 21 pounds, is beyond me. If I die, it's been swell.

9. I was with a friend the other day and we were talking about someone that bothers me and she brought up an EXCELLENT point- we all have "that" person that can "do  nothing right." This is so, so true. My mom has someone like this and one time I said, "Mom, you'd pick on the way she breaths if you could. You'd probably call me and go "You won't believe it. So-and-so took way too many breaths in the last ten minutes and is using up so much air."" Why do we do this? Where does this passive aggressive need to harp on some unaware person come from? My unknowing person is totally not innocent, but harboring this animosity is completely unhealthy and I need to stop even though it's borderline fun sometimes.

10.  I just finished listening to John Ratey's Go Wild, which as really motivating. Basically, we're supposed to exercise in nature, stop eating refined sugar, and stay away from grains. I know I don't have it in my to devote my life to that lifestyle, but it was a good wake up call to clean up shop. Or at least I will once the Easter candy is gone... 


  1. I have exactly one friend on fitbit, so a second would be nice :) I wear mine most days, unless it's charging. Feel free to add me!

  2. I am a teacher and we have a major competition going on at school. Feel free to add me!

  3. I'm a fitbit add me:

  4. #4 is heartening advice -- and I think very true. I've been trying really hard to not overthink things, but it's not always easy. And I definitely need to check out that children's book :)

  5. That's funny, I've been listening to a lot of Passion Pit too. Good to know they have a new album even though I haven't bought an album in years.

  6. I'll be your FitBit friend. I wear mine EVERY SINGLE DAY. Let's ignore the crazy time difference... Will PM you on Twitter.