Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. We were at this kind of lame safety festival by our house last week so Sawyer could see the emergency response vehicles (and dogs and horses) and I saw a fireman grab a woman breastfeeding on the ground a chair. It just struck me as something really nice to do, since I feel like a lot of people still turn up their noses to nursing in public. 

2. I will always inwardly cringe when total strangers call me "honey" or "sweetie." I'm looking at you, Starbucks barista who is five years older than me. 

3. I will never feel comfortable offering my condolences to people on social media. It feels so insincere and awkward.

4. In other news, I was sort of blindsided by an educated adult whom I know very well, for my "white privilege" today, completely out of nowhere. How fun! I wrote a very long response to the person and was a millisecond away from pressing send but deleted it and tried to move on. I have obviously not moved on, as I feel sort of insulted, since I'm still thinking about it. Maybe if it was in person it would have been different (see #3, I guess). I just don't get it and am trying to be a good friend and believe that it wasn't meant to upset me. 

5. I'm reading Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist and have been really conscious of the role women play in children's books lately. Sawyer has a book about trucks and out of the like twelve drivers in the books, only two are women and one drives a pink truck. In a book he has on robots the female robot is also pink and makes cookies and helps with homework. Naturally. Because that's all she can do. 

6. I'm about to make these guys for a work baby shower tomorrow.

7. Why do car clocks gain time?

8. I've said some weird things as a parent, but I think one of the strangest so far has been "No, that is not a ball, it's Oscar Wilde's head."

9. When I saw this earlier on Facebook, in reference to teaching, today I was like, "Yes! That is so true! We need to be there for the students! I love this!" But then I started thinking about it more and decided I actually hated it. I don't even know what I needed when I was in high school! Probably someone to tell me to relax, go to a party, and stop stressing about my family and the future for five seconds. But kids need different things. Some need a firm kick in the pants. I didn't need that, but I can do it! Some need a friend. A cheerleader. A confidante. An intellectual rival. A sounding board. A break. I'm probably reading too much into this. It probably just came from Etsy or Pinterest.

10. I finally figured out how to shuffle all my music with the newest itunes on my phone. So yay for that. 


  1. 3. Agree
    4. The satisfaction is in drafting a response... But never sending it. Of course, if they say something similar again, it's a whole different ballgame.
    7. Do they?
    8. Ha!

  2. 3. Ugh, I offer condolences on social media and I feel like such a fraud every single time. But I feel worse not saying anything.

    7. I've never had that problem…my car clock continually loses time.

  3. Oh ugh - about when they call you "honey" or "sweetheart" and they are YOUNGER than you...that's even weirder!!!!

  4. Oh, I've got Bad Feminist too. I'm going to start reading it soon! Tell me about it - I've been looking for a toy or gift for an underprivileged kid (it's this Christmas project thing) and all the cool stuff is marketed as "for boys"! Seriously! Why would I buy her a kitchen set when I could buy her a science set?

  5. #3! I so agree! I feel worse if I don't say anything else though. My friend just lost her mother, her phone doesn't work so I couldn't call and I just felt terrible saying I'm sorry, and hope you're doing ok through messenger and her wall. Ugh!

  6. The clock in my car keeps losing time. I think that is worse than speeding up. I keep arriving places late but think I'm on time. Thanks for hosting.

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  7. Strangely, I think that I only know how to play my music on shuffle on my iPhone right now. I can never get the songs to play in order.

    I've been reading Bad Feminist off and on for a while. I have so many things going I feel like I never finish anything. I'm sure I will finish a bunch of stuff all at once.

  8. I feel the same way about the "Be who you needed" slogan! I have no idea who I needed! And you're right, what I needed is probably quite a bit different than what any given student today needs.