Doing October

September has been hard in many ways, some routine and some not so much. This month is consistently hard every year; I guess the reality check of summer ending sets in and the heat usually peaks. Combined with other life things it just seems like a long, difficult thirty days every year. 

But now it's October.

I've allowed myself to sort of wallow in the woe that is September for the last thirty days and it's now time to pull myself out of the funk. So, I need a plan to have fun and be productive. Yes, people who love lists plan out their fun. I can't help it. 

So I sat down and put together a plan for ten things that I need to do this month to feel better about life, in various areas. And since I'm highly competitive and respond very well to public accountability, I thought I'd share:

1. Learn to turn the water main off- I'm still abnormally paranoid about a water leak, so I think this would at least help ease my mind. Plus it seems like something a homeowner should know how to do.

2. Take Sawyer to something autumn-ish- I guess like a pumpkin patch or a festival or apple picking? 

3. Make plans to see friends at least once- This is something that's key to my mental health. And not just go to the same yoga class kind of outing, but something  that requires something besides stretchy pants and a quick nap at the end (not that there's anything wrong with that- maybe everything in life should end with a nap).

4. Do yoga or piyo twice a week- I've got the cardio down, but I feel stiff and like I've lost a lot of my old flexibility. Plus I just bought a new mat, so I need to use it.

5. Make a charitable contribution- I've bought enough random stuff for myself lately and feel sort of guilty (this is probably motivated by the amount I spent at Ulta the other day). I'll probably donate to Planned Parenthood or The Sierra Club or The Nature Conservancy.

6. Leave at least 100 blog comments- I feel really guilty about my lack of participation, while still enjoying what people write and hoping they'll comment on what I post.

7. Make a new play list- Every morning I get so bummed out in the car when I'm scrambling to put on music for the commute in. I've been listening to the same five songs for a month or more.

8. Walk 80,000 steps a week- This means lots of afternoon walks which helps everyone be happier. Especially since my kid is now like a dog and brings me my shoes around five-o-clock and points to the door and yells "go" until I give in. 

9. Hang out with my husband more- It's hard with a full time job and kid and I know I've been slacking. And by slacking I mean choosing to read of surf the internet during the hour of free time I have at night. I could at least watch one of those shows we are slowly getting through or -gulp- play videogames with him on occasion. After over ten years of togetherness I'm lucky to have a guy that still wants to hang out with me. 

10.  Do things to de-stress at work- This will mostly come from unburying myself from the stack of grading and getting my materials organized for this month. I hate the feeling of knowing I have a ton to do and now knowing where to start. 

Onward and upward. 


  1. I'm such a list person too. :) I loved your description of yoga--my favorite part is definitely the nap at the end.

  2. Good luck! This list makes me feel really lazy, haha.

  3. Oh, if I made a list, it would have a lot of the same things that yours does...especially the de-stressing part, though I have NO idea how to do that. I run, but even that doesn't cut it sometimes. Good luck!!

  4. Re: #6, aww, don't be! Often felt that way myself xD Anyway, hope you've been able to do many of the things you listed here :)